15 Amazing Green Roofs


Green roofs are not only terrace that are painted green, they are living, breathing roof full of plants and herbs. Slowly and gradually the popularity of green roofs is constantly growing and you can attend a number of green roofs creative designerin the world. These green roofs, despite a high initial cost (about $ 200 per square foot), have relatively low maintenance, and also allow natural cooling of the building that reduces the cost of cooling about 10 percent. The teaching of green roofs onbuildings, homes and even the public is truly a sight to behold. Apart from creating a “live” serene, beautiful and ceiling, which are very good at keeping the weather, when present in large groups. Some green roofs are so rare and are found in such unexpected places that seem strange and amazing at once. 15 green roofs andthe most bizarre and creative to redefine the term “take green to new heights,” are presented to you here.



15 Amazing Green Roofs


  1. Sheffield Bus Shelter Green Roofs

  2. Green Roofs Subway Entrance at Barclays Central Plaza

  3. Innovative Green Roofs on Cars

  4. The Prefab Green Roofs House Boat

  5. Garage Green Roofs in Mount Baker

  6. Green Roof Serves as Goat Pasture

  7. Woodward Bird Green Roof Houses

  8. Green Roofs Animal Homes

  9. Green Roofs Shutter Island

  10. Beautiful Green roofs Bar House in the San Francisco

  11. Gallie Craig The Green Roofed Coffee House in Scotland, UK

  12. Amazing Green Roofs in the French High School

  13. Amazing Green Roofs in Singapore’s Nanyang Art College

  14. Norwegian Green Roofs

  15. Amazing Green Roofs: Green Grass Roofs on Recyclable Homes

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