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Punk Bedroom Ideas

Wednesday, January 22, 2014 Category: Bed, Bedroom Designs, Punk Bedroom Ideas.

Play your wild side! Punks to kick off the beautiful design of space in your head, it's time to show your personality. Punk is not just what you wear and what you hear, it's about creating new art and remastering of the old, the injection of your world with new sounds, new words and thoughts. Today we have more bedroom cool punk design that will certainly inspire you the perfect retreat, a place to gather your energy and create express themselves.

This area is strongly influenced by the darkness of the punk-influenced ideology. The walls and ceiling are finished with the skull and bones symbol. With the black and dark gray, the bedroom is perfect. Accentuated by the white line on the ceiling and a pair of red, this bedroom is spectacular. Punk to create your bed, choose linens and a bedspread in dark, muted colors to complement the walls.

The punk look is masculine, feminine, whimsical and hard edges, and. Can hot bedroom for a touch of punk girls fuchsia and eye-catching display femininity without overdoing it. Search for independent craft shops and locations of crafts, such as Etsy.com to small details like colorful skulls made of plastic, removable wall stickers, vinyl and other goodies in hand. Let us bedroom inspire you.

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punk bedroom

punk bedroom

punk bedroom layout ideas

punk bedroom layout ideas

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punk bedroompunk bedroom layout ideaspunk bedroom layout


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