Prefab concept of residential buildings is a new and unique initiative is to transform the urban landscape using sustainable design concepts and cost. The proposed concept for a 6 story building urban residential College Street, Toronto explores the potential of a unit of self-operation of the manufactured home can be built in difficult areas, such as sites that restrict the building code and sites that make costly traditional building construction due to the laws difficult and complex. Also directed to sites that make virtually no developable urban sites due to the imposition of existing building structures in the vicinity of the SHIFT concept opens the possibility of the use sites, housing and rebuilding existing tight urban lot easier.

Shift 20*20 Prefab Residential Building Concept by RAW Designlpo

Shift 20*20 Prefab Residential Building Concept by RAW Designlpo

With only a facade, the site of the depth of 7 m wide and 60m from the proposed concept SHIFT is at the heart of Kensington Market in Toronto and was left untouched by developers, due to the construction of the challenges that comewith. The concept MAJ, however, try to create a residential building in the same place without having to sacrifice a common need for a building of this type. The concept proposes the use of semi-public and private spaces located throughout the building to address traffic with modular space of life, arranged offset. Each side of a vertical frame would be used by each unit to bind to the response to the limited width of the site.

Gallery of Prefab Residential Building Concept by RAW Design

Prefab 20 * 20 – A project by Toronto, Canada-based architectural studio RAW design

The prefabricated module connected to the corridors and be used to supply the building with mechanical and electrical utilities, and the structure and infrastructure would be in charge of the central structure. To serve as a leading provider of public services, a special unit made by prefabrication techniques were the same in the rear of the main building. Residents are offered the opportunity to determine the configuration of each apartment and the use of recycled materials and rainwater harvesting would be based more sustainable.