Himalaya Water Tower Building. The water crisis is mainly a problem in office. Over two billion people worldwide lack access to clean water and many people do not have enough water to meet daily needs. Demand for freshwater is increasing at an astonishing rate. As the number of people worldwide are above the water availability is limited. Make an adequate supply of water available to all is a daunting task for this song and Zheng Zhi, Zhao Hongchuan Dongbai and China made a big difference in your project called “Himalaya Water Tower.”

Himalaya Water Tower Building - 3D Architectures

Himalaya Water Tower Building – 3D Architectures

This is a skyscraper located in the high mountains that stores the water, which can be used in times of drought. Helps normalize their release to the public when the usual diet of water dries up. These skyscrapers collects water during the rainy season, purified and solidified into ice. And last but not least, you can store water for future generations. On the other hand is a balance between demand and supply of water at the time of severe water shortages.

Himalaya Water Tower - 3D Architectures

Himalaya Water Tower – 3D Architectures

The Himalayan Water Tower consists of six strains, such as pipes that collect and store rainwater. The six tubes have a base tube, which is lined with cells that store water infinite. As a plant grows these tubes also grow even stronger when they absorb water at its greatest. Its four large groups of cylindrical steel frames that act as a support bar. With the help of editorial system, frozen, purify and distribute water and ice. In the bottom of the formation is a transportation system that contributes to the water reaches the mountains to the people below.

Himalaya Water Tower Building

Himalaya Water Tower Building

Fresh water has always been an indispensable companion for all those who unfortunately have to suffer a critical situation at the time of water scarcity. This project paved the way as a solution to the issue of the threat of water shortages.

Images Credit: evolo