Beautiful Fairwood Buddies Café in Tong Chong, Hong Kong

Cafe Image Ulso Tsang7, Beautiful Fairwood Buddies Café in Tong Chong, Hong Kong

Fast-food restaurant design is not made for Hong Kong-designer Danny Chan, the interior of the former chief executive Steve Leung Designers Ltd and John Chan Danny Chan Design Ltd. in question has contributed to the re-branding of fashion and fashion Maxim Fast Food and designed many franchise opportunities in the Fairwood and now Chan is the director of his own design beige entrepreneurial pursuit. Responsible for the design of a branch of Fairwood Circle Cafe in the mall at the City Gate Tong Chong, conveniently at the end of the “fast track” area, is the fast-food restaurant for a refreshing ball design and an interesting approach, where space is geometric shapes filled hexagonal! Beige design was inspired and came inside, prepared by a column in the large hexagonal plan, design, fragile and elegant with a recurring geometric space as in a chemical bond that is formed hexagonal triggered in chemistry. You can take a concept in two dimensions, the geometric form that develops in a three-dimensional perspective with internal architectural innovations and discoveries in an area of ​​180 square feet and no view, this approach defines interior design ultimate coherence. The hexagons make a coherent representation of the collage ideal coordination between the central theme of the room – ‘. Buddies “The concept was that the hexagonal shapes take the form of space everywhere. The original oversized hexagonal columns with mirrors covered to multiply the impact of the character who easily removed allowing the column to the oversized room. A Corian ® available for all before the column, but is designed to function specifically for luminaires bare bulbs in a metal housing hex closed however chose Chan to keep it all white and mostly stay away from color Fairwood Corporate Identity -.. orange, which dominates the other Cafes The truth is, that it is difficult path to take on the color recognition, as this may affect the company. But this approach to design shows dedicated, has to offer how fragile the final design, the influence of this system design language from the point where it begins to be revealed. With his own form of language, this shows fast-food restaurant the ultimate in privacy as possible to interior design.

Project: Fairwood – Buddies’ Café
Program: Fast food restaurant
Location: Tong Chong, Hong Kong
Owner: Fairwood Holdings Ltd.
Interior Design Firm: Beige Design Ltd
Interior Design Project Team: Danny S. Y. Chan
Contractor and Engineering: Alliance Engineering Co. Ltd
Photographer: Ulso Tsang

Images Credit: Steve Leung Designers Ltd, Ulso Tsang