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Wonderful Greek Home by 314 Architecture Studio

Contemporary Architecture.Greek buildings are usually decorated by sculptures of ancient mythology. One of the homes that implement this idea is H2 Residence. Living room walls of this house are decorated in the Sculptures of Gianni Aspras. The result is a blend of modern and contemporary impression. H2 Residence is designed by ...Read More....

600 Square Feet Boat in Your House

Renovated House on a Lake 1.Relaxing on the beach? Shopping at the branded vendors? Or maybe travelling somewhere? Those are what most people do on their holidays. Are you bored with that usual holiday? Yes. You must get rid of the ordinary holiday. Try something new and find the other ways to spend your holidays. Try ...Read More....

Fortified Italian Farmhouse

Alfresco Dining.The impressive fortified farmhouse approached a large courtyard beyond the country. Once upon a time, a watchtower peering over Tuscany along the Valley of Niccone with an adjoining fortified farmhouse. Now, the dwelling famous as Castello di Reschio is the result of fantastic restoration that shows luxurious shaped in the ...Read More....

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BIG architects + AECOM: chicago navy pier proposal

Chicago’s celebrated Navy Pier to be architecturally ‘enhanced’ by BIG architects. The time Navy Pier has long been one of the landmarks of Chicago. In fact, this stretch of 1010 m is considered one of the sights around Lake Michigan.However, despite its magnificent scenery of the famous pier still has no credible …Read More

c16h14o3 House by Marcio Kogan

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This is another design of house by Marcio Kogan, Brazilian Modernism: C16H14O3. Marcio Kogan, an architect from Brazil, makes this house as one of his project. It is an amazing home to stay for the people.
This house is located in Sao Paulo. It is an amazing …Read More

Chicago’s Navy Pier to get a green revamp with hanging gardens and eco delights

Chicago’s Navy Pier to get a green revamp with hanging gardens and eco delights. A team of designers led by James Corner Field Operations won the rights to the redesign and reorganization of Navy Pier emblematic of the city of Chicago. The new plan will further increase the influx of tourists from …Read More

Sustainable Architecture

Here is a 10 Sustainable Architecture for The Future. The current global scenario demands a sustainable architecture and eco-friendly so that we, citizens of the world can benefit in the future. With thoughts like, some were created architectural designs that stand out as wonderful examples of sustainable architecture. 10 examples of sustainable architecture, …Read More