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Best Examples of Carbon Negative Architecture

ModCell's BaleHaus-Carbon Negative Architecture.Here is a Four Best Examples of Carbon Negative Architecture. Build a house with 100 percent renewable resources from green sustainable environment is the need of the hour. Powered vacation home are popular because they are the drawings for a more secure and cleaner. These houses are using the power of natural resources such as wind and sun. Construction materials andmethods have the least impact on the environment. However, these homes offer all the comfort and elegance to ...Read More....

10 Sustainable 3D Architecture: Skyscrapers Designed to Have Green Roofs

AMERICA’S SKYSCRAPER.Here is a Skyscrapers Designed to Have Green Roofs. The request to adopt more environmentally friendly energy sources in everyday life has led many architects to design skyscrapers that can use renewable energy sources. The roofs of these buildings use sunlight and other sources of green energy. Here is a list of 10 ...Read More....

15 Amazing Green Roofs

.Green roofs are not only terrace that are painted green, they are living, breathing roof full of plants and herbs. Slowly and gradually the popularity of green roofs is constantly growing and you can attend a number of green roofs creative designerin the world. These green roofs, despite a high initial cost (about $ 200 per square foot), have relatively low maintenance, and also allow natural cooling of the building that reduces the cost of cooling about 10 percent. The teaching of green roofs onbuildings, ...Read More....

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10 Original Coffee Table

Coffee is an energizing drink which can make your day become more dynamic and keeps you awake for a long time. Having a cup of coffee with somebody is an excellent way of exchanging opinions, making a new friend getting some information from somebody or just enjoying a nice conversation. …Read More

Harvard University 257GreenArchitecture

This is a Top 10 greenest colleges and universities. Going Green is the latest trend to hit the world. As the world wakes up to the fact that time is not exactly on our side, experts and lay people trying to find solutions to alleviate the energy crisis, pollution and water problems. This …Read More

Decorating Wall Mirrors by Rifleshi architecs36

Wall Mirrors is used as part of interior design that reflects the character of the owner. To do this, choose a Wall Mirrors requires special attention and care. The appropriate selection prints a perfect room. The selection of Wall Mirrors that fit into the room and the feeling is, and the satisfaction level of …Read More

House with Fantastic Pool

A swimming pool has had an important role for people at this time.  It is not just an additional area in a house, but it has become a significant area in a house. It can determine the look of a house and the atmosphere of that house. Moreover, it can …Read More