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Green Architecture: Enota Hotel Ribno

Saturday, April 19, 2014 Category: 3D Architectures, Hotel and Villa Designs
Enota Hotel Ribno

Enota Hotel Ribno. The project was to build a luxury hotel on the edge of wooded bluff and designerswere invited to create a structure that does not happen to be an intrusion into the landscape. So they decided to go with a design hotel is more like a mountain of asatellite image with a series of sharp peaks.
The design was inspired by the tops of pine trees and the rest of the design takesRibno Slovenian local architectural elements. Trying to combine with …Read More

Timber Stadium by de Rijke Marsh and Morgan Architects

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 Category: 3D Architectures
Timber Stadium Architecture

Here is a Timber Stadium by de Rijke Marsh and Morgan Architects. With recent advances in technology and innovation, the building industry has seen a change in the method and materials used in architecture. The Timber Stadium wooden stage has an architecture with an enormous waste of material and less. Timber Stadium structure …Read More

Vertical Safari in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 Category: 3D Architectures
Vertical Safari-general view

Here is a Vertical Safari in Buenos Aires. The animals were not excluded in the scheme of things. Studies + influx has proposed building a zoo near vertical massive reserves of Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires. This ensures that the use of the area is minimized while being capable of advancing the cause …Read More

3D Architecture: Vertical Farm for South Korea

Monday, April 14, 2014 Category: 3D Architectures
Vertical Farm for South Korea

A vertical farm designed by Dongjin Lee, Park and Lee Jinkyu Jeongwoo see the South Korean won, raised in the vertical structures. Symbiosis Tower named circular, the building is a skyscraper that will give you the opportunity to turn urban farming in cities. Platforms with lawns of the house spiral cows and …Read More

Valley Effect: Futuristic Greener Living Design: a Terraced Urban Farm

Sunday, April 13, 2014 Category: 3D Architectures
Valley Effect-a Terraced Urban Farm

Named as Valley Effect, the new design that promises to develop a positive carbon ecosystem and natural built environment. It is natural to reach the valley the environment in a compact urban environment with the help of interconnected towers that offer a unique model of urban agriculture separately.
At a time when lifestyles are flourishing with negligence in the cause of nature and living spaces are more compact, designers have creatively used the mass of the building to provide maximum space opened in a urban compact. As …Read More