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Design New Eurojust HQ in The Hague / Mecanoo Architects- Royal Haskoning Architecten

Monday, June 4, 2012 Category: Architecture
The Hague by Mecanoo, in collaboration with Royal Haskoning and DS Landsacpe Architects

Eurojust Headquarters in Hague to be laced with green gardens and natural lighting. The central area of ​​the international area of ​​The Hague will be other structure in the heart of the management of disputes among the nations of Europe. Eurojust is a part of the European Union and addresses issues …Read More

The World’s Most Sustainable Neighborhood

Monday, June 4, 2012 Category: Architecture
Arkadien Winnenden grabs the award for being the World's most sustainable neighborhood

Arkadien Winnenden grabs the award for being the World’s most sustainable neighborhood. German suburb of Winnenden is a regeneration project of the hardcore industry, which boasts of being the district more sustainable world. The local business community rejected depressed with tragedy in a school shooting in 2009, had very little use …Read More

Residential Building: Charming low-budget conversion of a barn in the English provinces

Saturday, June 2, 2012 Category: Architecture
Low Budget Residential Building

Ochre Barn: Old barn transformed into low budget Residential Building. Owned by British experts of Carl Turner Architects, an architectural firm, an old abandoned barn in Norfolk has become an amazing transformation that combines creativity, the comfort of modern life and the immediacy of the countryside. Grange called ocher, this newly …Read More

Green Architecture Students: Green light for Eco-Research Center

Saturday, June 2, 2012 Category: Architecture
Green light for eco-research center

High end research facility to give a lift to green architecture students in Prague. Green design and architecture are experiencing tremendous growth in demand. The reason for this are many. Not only are companies around the world are trying to turn green solutions, but the area remains unexplored to its full …Read More

Hackney Architects Studio Weave Turned an Old Boat into a Floating Cinema

Thursday, May 31, 2012 Category: Architecture
The Floating Cinema by Studio Weave

Studio Weave gives new life to old boat by turning it into a floating cinema. The floating film was designed by architects Hackney, “Study of Tissue and artists Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie. He found his way through the ship channel in the region hosting the Olympic London last summer. This …Read More