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Anti-Urban Design of Holley House

Monday, June 23, 2014 Category: Architecture, Best Architectures, Designers
Holley House by Hanrahan Meyers

Hanrahan Meyers Architects is an Architecture firm that focuses in city residential. Their designs are always exceptional. Hanrahan Meyers Architects combines abstract and minimal form as notable part of their design. This Architecture firm also gives big attention to nature. The abstract and minimal form of Hanrahan Meyers Architects is …Read More

Futuristic House with Beautiful Views

Sunday, June 22, 2014 Category: Architecture, Best Architectures, Decoration Ideas
Beautiful Japanese House with Sea View

Sea and mountains are always considered as the best place to see and visit. Even, both of them are also quite comfortable for a place to live. Combining these two elements of nature, a Japanese architect company makes a house in Mont-Saint-Izu that overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
This house has simple-futuristic …Read More

Inspirational Modern House by Intexure Architects

Sunday, June 22, 2014 Category: Architecture, Best Architectures, Decoration Ideas, Interiors
Design from Intexure

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Intexure Architects is an architecture firm that’s focused in contemporary design. They are well-known for their live-work studio. Intexure Architects work on both residential and commercial projects. Their latest project is a residential project. The projects consist of four houses named Southmoor Terrace. All of the houses are …Read More

Combining Dark Volumes and Farm-like Architecture House

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 Category: Architecture, Best Architectures
House by Graux Baeyens

House DS is a part of projects done by Graux & Baeyens Architecten. It just completed in 2011. It is located in a residential area in Belgium, Destelbergen. That is the place where the property of House DS was bought in 1991. With the work of the talented team of …Read More

A Fantastic Residential Project: Gama Issa House

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 Category: Architecture, Best Architectures, Interiors
Gama Issa House Marcio Kogan Yatzer

Gama Issa House is a design from Marcio Kogan. It is a different design from Stylish Panama House and Brazilian Modernism: C16H14O3 House. It is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil; same with the two others design. This special design is made by Marcio Kogan and a few other talented artists.
Marcio …Read More