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elegance iconic wallpaper for restaurant interior from B&N

luxurious elegance in red paisle iconic wallpaper for restaurant interior from B & N architecture

I have a feeling that someone who had fallen in love, when I saw the collection of wallpaper designs emblematic of B & N. They look so fantastic, beautiful and elegant restaurant. Iconic Panel Series consists of two main parts, namely: Iconic panel with elegant design and modern wood panel, the second …Read More

Futuristic DISPLAX Wallpaper Interior Design

Saturday, February 8, 2014 Category: Decoration Ideas, Designers, Interiors, Living Room Ideas
Displax 4 architecture

Displax interior design is the name and the unit is thinner than paper and polymer film that can be applied to glass, plastic or wood, and also able to recognize 16 keys at once. You can change your picture on its head and turn back as you want.They can also act …Read More

Modern Decorative Marble Tile for Walls Covering by Q-BO

decorative marble tile for walls covering by Q BO

Modern decorative marble tiles for Walls Covering only Q-BO. The design with its sweet honey comb covered with delicate floral details. Now the appearance of a Walls Covering is the main point of modern houses with tiles like these, it is easy to see why. You can use the natural beauty of these tiles by …Read More

Amazing Designer Solid Wood Natural Bed by Ign.Design

Monday, February 3, 2014 Category: Bed, Bedroom Designs, Designers
wonderfull Solid Wood Bed by Ign.Design

ign.design, so-called masters of modern art in combination with modern bed furniture, has done it again with great designer beds made of solid wood. Dream bed in a natural way of Andy Ehrensperger. Self-supporting frame made of solid wood that is as big as the wall looks pushed front and center in your …Read More

Colorful Sofa & Comfort Living Room

Monday, February 3, 2014 Category: Designers, Furniture, Living Room Ideas
Colorful Sofa Living Room

Sophisticated living room launched its collection of bright and colorful sofa provide comfortable seating in the spacious living room. The collection Peah named and inspired by the rays of spring sunshine initials. Not only inviting, this sofa modular modern and original so much fun with colorful fabrics and exciting way. If you are looking …Read More