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Alternative Small Multi-Functional Hotel

Saturday, August 2, 2014 Category: Hotel and Villa Designs
Plus One Berlin Hotel Room by Spamroom

Nowadays, simple and multi-functional hotel room concept has been many people favorite choice to stay and inn. First, it does need a lot of money than if we stay in luxurious big hotel. Then, the facilities and amenities are not too far different with usual facilities and amenities in such five …Read More

Impressive Citizen M Hotel in London Crowd

Friday, July 25, 2014 Category: Hotel and Villa Designs
Citizen Hotel London 1

Citizen M Hotel, a new opened hotel in London is proudly present by Concrete Architectural Associates. Modern and impressive design varieties are the big showcase of this hotel. With 192 rooms and classic modern interior design, the hotel is a creative playground for artist and designer. Completed by open-plan lobby, …Read More

Pushing White Sand Beaches and Turquoise Waters: Constance Halaveli Resort

Tuesday, July 22, 2014 Category: Hotel and Villa Designs
Constance Halaveli Resort 1

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Constance Halaveli Resort is more than a usual resort. It is also more than a luxurious retreat. It is a six star Maldivian Paradise captured in amazing blue water of the Indian Ocean. This is perfect place to visit since you are the person who loves everything …Read More

Rustic Cottage: An Inspirational Tourism Spot

The Stone Farmhouse Design

A question about which tourism sport which can also be used to gain some information about interior design for a living place can of course be answered by a rustic cottage which is made over by a kind of Architecture Company named Juan Herreros Arquitectos. The exact location of this …Read More

Unique Hotel Architecture

Thursday, July 10, 2014 Category: Hotel and Villa Designs
Akmani Botique Hotel

Cozy place, friendly services, and eco-friendly place are not enough to be a good place to stay. But another aspect must be added such as the atmosphere, the furniture and the appearance especially from the outside. If you have the nice appearance then other people must be interested to you, …Read More