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Elegant Home Ceilings

Sunday, August 10, 2014 Category: Furniture, Interiors
Squares in Red and Yellow Design - Elegant Home Ceilings

A further element in the interior of the house, that can be developed is the ceiling. The ceiling is stylish, there are art ceiling that can be achieved. Luster is a type of decoration, which may be used and installed in the ceiling. That can be good to have shine, …Read More

New Alexander McQueen store in Los Angeles

Monday, August 4, 2014 Category: Architecture, Interiors
William Russell designed the new Alexander McQueen, New Alexander McQueen store in Los Angeles

Alexander McQueen store on Melrose Avenue, a new building, designed by Pentagram Architect William Russell. William Russell, the new Alexander McQueen store in Los Angeles has designed. The flagship store is based on Melrose Avenue on the corner of Melrose Place and is the latest in a recent expansion by McQueen, …Read More

20 Bathroom Furniture by Agape

Sunday, August 3, 2014 Category: Bathroom Designs, Furniture, Interiors
Modern Bathroom Furniture Decoration by Agape Design-bathtub

Designer bathroom furniture accessories is its spirit of innovation, quality materialsand a variety of solutions that characterized the comfort and aesthetics to enhancethe room. Enzo Mari, Angelo Mangiarotti, Konstantin Grcic, Patricia Urquiola,Giampaolo Benedini: Agape worked with leading contemporary designers. He iscurrently one of the leading companies in the furniture and bathroom accessories, products with high quality materials, technical merit, aesthetic and functional.
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Decorating For Pink Girls Bedroom

Saturday, August 2, 2014 Category: Bed, Bedroom Designs, Interiors, Kid Room Designs, Teenage Room Ideas
Girls Bedroom Design Ideas

The interior design theme is a rose that is for a child’s room. For many girls pink is a symbol of sweetness and beauty. This color is associated with dreams of a princessor Barbie and almost every girl with beautiful pink room. Set of pink, a traditional room with furniture classic and contemporary fine sand curve. The combination of these colors with other people canget a variety of designs. For example, the white furniture and pink looks great, but if you want a better room than is more like a combination of pinkand green. Below you will find ideas that make it interesting, thebest roses for children. There are several examples of the girls’ …Read More

Decoration from Rustic to Modern House in Pine Plains, New York by architect Preston Scott Cohen

Thursday, July 31, 2014 Category: Exterior Designs, Interiors
Rustic to Modern Decoration House in Pine Plains, New York

In fact, both rustic home decor and traditional are as interesting for lovers of natural theme for decorating your home. But for some people who want to renovate to be different style of home decoration, also is an excellent choice.
A barn home can actually become a comfortable and stylish to …Read More