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Classic Fairy Tale Children Bedroom Furniture by Savio

Saturday, February 1, 2014 Category: Bed, Bedroom Designs, Designers, Furniture, Kid Room Designs, Luxury Style

Bring the fairy tale atmosphere with your real children’s bedroom classic luxury with nice kids, by the Italian company Savio Firmino. The company is noted that the production of bedroom furniture, which offers even more sumptuous furniture, was where most of them heavily inspired by the classic French style and romantic. Especially for …Read More

Modular Kid Loft Bed by Magis

Saturday, February 1, 2014 Category: Bed, Bedroom Designs, Designers, Furniture, Kid Room Designs
Minimalist Modular Loft Kid Bed by Magi

Kid loft bed is so comfortable for two children, it is also the best place for them to play together. If you have little space for your child, you should check out this great piece by offering brand Magis. Designed for children and all their activities, consists of three parts of this …Read More

Giant Wall Stickers sets Kids room decoration from e-glue

Wednesday, January 22, 2014 Category: Decoration Ideas, Kid Room Designs, Teenage Room Ideas
giant wall stickers sets jungle themes

Amazing collection of Wall Tattoos huge playground for ideas from high-quality interior materials in France, with the guarantee of a healthy and safe environment for Kids room are now made available through the e-glue. The company provides the illustration for the Kids room at home scale by designing giant wall stickers …Read More

Affordable Children Bed Furniture Ideas

Tuesday, January 21, 2014 Category: Bed, Bedroom Designs, Furniture, Kid Room Designs

If you are looking for high quality yet affordable children’s furniture, you are exactly right, because we have a large collection from which to choose have. Our photos of kids furniture is the perfect combination of fun, beauty and durability, and we have something to satisfy even the most particular …Read More

Green Kid Bedroom Furniture by Stemik Living

Monday, January 20, 2014 Category: Bed, Bedroom Designs, Designers, Furniture, Interiors, Kid Room Designs

The renowned British furniture brand Stemik know life really like to decorate a nursery perfect. They offered green bedroom furniture child will surely win your attention because of its fresh color. We know that the room is for children with bright colors and interesting should be designed, modern bedroom furniture and …Read More