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Unique and Fabulous Dining Tables and Lamps Ideas

Saturday, June 7, 2014 Category: Furniture, Interiors, Lighting, Lamps designs
Dining Room Christopher Coleman

Interior design gives much influence to your room, the good one. For your kitchen or dining room, the interior will not be completed if your dining table and lamp don’t suit it.
Right dining tables and lamps can make your kitchen look a lot more beautiful than it actually is. The …Read More

Outdoor Christmas Lights House Decorating

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 Category: Architecture, Decoration Ideas, Lighting, Lamps designs
Outdoor Christmas Lights House Decorating Ideas

Now I’ll show you the lights of incredible outdoor Christmas decorating of the house that are impressive and show how Christmas is celebrated in style.
Christmas ornaments are a beautiful and ancient tradition. Often people can not wait until Christmas comes to decorating the Christmas tree and put the light in theirwindows. Some of them go a step further and decorate your home. It is a long and difficult process, but if you are persistent and if …Read More

6 Ideas for Bathroom Lighting

lighting ideas for bathroom

When it comes to bathroom lighting, can not deny the fact that the bathroom will find the least consideration that other parts of the house. However, bathroom as important as other parts of the house and must be adequately informed. Properly designed bathroom are known to increase the value of the house. There are many different ways, …Read More

Indirect Wall Lighting Room Designs

Friday, January 24, 2014 Category: Bed, Bedroom Designs, Interiors, Lighting, Lamps designs

Check out this great DIY idea to make indirect lighting wall lighting space, the atmosphere of your room looks modern warmth and beauty would. The project provides valuable DIY decorating a small amount of investments with a few basic materials, the cost ($ 55) for 40 €. This beautiful indirect lighting …Read More

14 Series pendant lights by Omer Arbel for Bocci

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 Category: Best Architectures, Lighting, Lamps designs
14 Series by Omer Arbel for Bocci pendant lights

architectureholic facility where information on all the needs of home and inspiration on house construction. This is a 14 Series pendant lights by Omer Arbel for Bocci. The 14 Series is a family of low-voltage pendant lights designed to be clustered into groups. Unlike most contemporary lighting the 14 Series pendants …Read More