Ethanol Fueled Compact Fireplace by Ilkka Suppanen

This charming fireplace is made ​​of stainless steel and heat-resistant glass. It is truly remarkable, as the Finnish designer Ilkka Suppanen this modern house created anenvironment where people can enjoy the warm and put their history of creatingworries behind. This fireplace glass is actually built with ethanol and, unlike your regular fireplace this fireplace is portable, meaning you can simply them in every room and outside on the terrace or garden.

Ilkka Suppanen stated that: Today’s televisions often play a similar role to that of the fires of the past, bringing people together to tell their stories and listen to those of others. I took this idea of the fire as an archetypical phenomenon as my starting point and ended up designing something with a very minimalist form of its own. The piece is very neutral until the flame is lit, only then does it come alive and take its place in a space and capture people’s attention.

Ethanol Fueled Fireplace by Ilkka Suppanen

Images Credit: Iittala Fireplace