Colorful Pinetta Divan Bed by Paidi

kindteens Red bed

kindteens Pinetta Red

It is not, but it’s Pinata Pinetta. This seems the same, but it is not certain that the bright colors of paper mache for a clay container or shape of the carton, then, when she met with a stick until it broke. Pinetta sofa is manufactured by Paidi. It is of spruce or solid natural colored spruce, where the children made their own little worlds to create without boundaries. This sofa bed Pinetta that children to relax and dream very nice, without a pillow fight before bed time. Sofa bed are available in white spruce Pinetta solid half tries in blue / red and with a rollaway bed in a solid natural color of the spruce. So if you visit Gallery Paidi not ask Pinata, but ask your Pinetta sofa bed for children.

kindteens Bed blue

kindteens Bed blue by Paidi


Images Credit: Paidi Bed

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kindteens Bed blue

kindteens Pinetta Divan Bed blue by Paidi

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kindteens Bed bluekindteens Red bed

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