Fireplace Coffee Table by Axel Schaefer

You can spice up your living room furniture with a modern coffee table fireplace and built-in bio-ethanol from Axel Schaefer below. Aptly named, the fire offering, this coffee table is a symmetric multi-table modern, elegant design.


fireplace in the body has clear laminate finish. Thank you to design that makes the shiny table and ensures sustainability. Available in three different designs, high-gloss ebony, $ 5,571, $ 4,296 for colors and natural stone for $ 9,882. This furniture merges with a fireplace and a coffee table in a room is a great idea wrapped especially if you want in a warm atmosphere in cold winters. And fewer side effects can also be used to store something like some magazines, books or decorative element.

Images Credit: Schaefer Fireplace

Fireplace Coffee Table by Axel Schaefer Pictures

FIRE coffee table

The FIREPlace coffee table

The fireplace wooden coffee table

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