GE Gives London’s Tower Bridge The LED Treatment

The bridges and iconic skyscrapers around the world consume vast amounts of energy and these architectural structures may require updating to become energy.Some attempts, which could transform these structures, green are already underway. This attempt has been initiated by the energy giant GE (General Electric), which would involve redesigning the lighting of the famous Tower Bridge in London. Time is also able to give the bridge a new look green like the Olympics soon appeared in the city.


LED Treatment: GE Gives London's Tower Bridge

LED Treatment: GE Gives London’s Tower Bridge



GE has supplied LED for the treatment of Tower Bridge as part of its Ecomagination initiative. It aims to give an appearance of the bridge cool and comfortable by using energy saving LED. In coordination with the City of London Corporation, London City Hall and the EDF, GE aims to successfully complete LED replacement lamps for installation. This initiative aims to reach approximately 45 percent reduction in energy consumption on the bridge. There will be an innovative system of LEDs on the streets, as well as energy efficient headlamps to provide an artistic touch to the whole structure.

Tower Bridge is currently the neon lighting in the top layer. This cable will be replaced by GE Tetra Contour, which not only provide a wonderful look at the cover, but also saves a lot of energy. The new lighting system level, we would need 40 percent less compared to the neon light system before. Green complete lighting system has the ability to offer multiple shades of color of the tower, which reflect very well on its shiny appearance in the games.

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LED Treatment: GE Gives London's Tower Bridge

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