Studio Weave gives new life to old boat by turning it into a floating cinema. The floating film was designed by architects Hackney, “Study of Tissue and artists Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie. He found his way through the ship channel in the region hosting the Olympic London last summer. This barge a variety of exciting events such as lectures and workshops of the channels. film also offers events for spectators of the waterway, where they could watch unique films, which were selected specially for the Floating Cinema.

The Floating Cinema by Studio Weave

The Floating Cinema by Studio Weave

These architects Hackney renews an old narrow boat, which was actually named “Cole” by the owners and was originally used to travel to the community floating in the film that turned the rivers of East London. The screen film is placed inside the larger of the two quarters ended in the boat and sail with the help of dark shades, which are decorated especially in gores to make it extraordinary.

Twelve wooden seats, which are made from recycled oak tables are arranged in various positions in front of the screen and they can be folded and stored when not in use. A quilted canopy covering the outdoor cinema is specially decorated with deco-style graphics, giving it a fresh touch to the room that is comfortable for visitors. Film floating on his campaign tour of three months of the detection of many different places around the boundaries of Hackney and Tower Hamlets, including a link to at least short term “for an overview Madness”. It is now in a position to Arch Insurance and is used primarily for personal transportation.

The cinema screen is located inside the largest of two enclosed quarters aboard the vessel.

Images Credit: studioweave