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If the modern, minimalist, futuristic is not enough for you, the search for simpler, touching it with the rest of nature, soothing and relaxing, we show some natural interior design ideas that you could fit your imagination on natural bedroom. For a natural look, not from white, brown or cream-colored limited, you may have about black, dark blue, dusty green, gray and other colors as soft as the fusion of yellow and cream. If you give the room a little more personality, you can sound natural (or perhaps touch of luxury, as the blind Suntwist an elegant space for more natural).Selected wallpaper with the image of the nature proposed as the flower or bird.Parquet is must. Create your bedroom to be absolutely the choice of a neutral body such as drawers, wood drawer system as Fjaril plenty of storage space in the natural look of a decorative as the pot timber candle in the Himalayas rusticated cool Trading Post Change your bedroom, natural interior design. It’s time to relax.

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