Up Close and Personal Liffey Bed From Shimna

Up Close and Personal Liffey

If you followed the love and spirit of the brand collection of exotic and rustic Shimna you have noticed that Shimna Liffey bed is the next evolution of the bed of the beam Shimna. Liffey bed has four large drawers with corner is hidden under the platform.Moreover, this bed is built at the head with one hand each tile great mother. For this reason, you can still see the beauty of the River Liffey, highlighting natural grain. The headboard is in. Two small maple-top boxes for your jewelry and other items that you wanted to put a dimension of 85 store “x 69” wx 32 “h This queen size bed in a variety of hardwoods such as walnut, oak, maple and cherry. These natural hardwood bed Liffey in full and extra large sizes.

Images Credit: shimna Bed