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Leaf House by Undercurrent Architects

Leaf House
Leaf House by Undercurrent Architects-Hugh_a889c_Rutherford PhotographsLeaf House by Undercurrent Architects-Hugh_a891c_Rutherford PhotographsLeaf House by Undercurrent Architects-Hugh_a893c_Rutherford PhotographsStructure Sketch-Leaf House by Undercurrent ArchitectsLeaf House

Sunday, April 20, 2014. Architecture, Leaf House by Undercurrent Architects.

Leaf House by Undercurrent Architects. Leaf House is the building that allows users to stay at home and in the gardentogether. This is a country house belonging to an autonomous residence seasidein Sydney, a house to discover nature.

The Leaf House building incorporates the environment and reflects the qualities of thelandscape: the roof structure blends with the foliage, the podium of the baseshapes the field.
The Leaf House design features curved roof copper deposits resemble dead leaves and vines as a channel within a dynamic structural growth.
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Green Architecture: Enota Hotel Ribno

Enota Hotel Ribno
Enota Hotel RibnoEnota Hotel Ribno-3D ArchitectureEnota Hotel Ribno-3D Architecture _a887_IdeasEnota Hotel Ribno-3D Architecture _a886_IdeasEnota Hotel Ribno-3D Architecture _a888_Ideas

Saturday, April 19, 2014. 3D Architectures, Hotel and Villa Designs, Green Architecture: Enota Hotel Ribno.

Enota Hotel Ribno. The project was to build a luxury hotel on the edge of wooded bluff and designerswere invited to create a structure that does not happen to be an intrusion into the landscape. So they decided to go with a design hotel is more like a mountain of asatellite image with a series of sharp peaks.
The design was inspired by the tops of pine trees and the rest of the design takesRibno Slovenian local architectural elements. Trying to combine with …Read More

Dwell Kit: The Compact Prefab House Designed by East Lake Builders

Dwell Kit-Prefab House by Eastlake Architecture
Dwell Kit-Prefab House by_a873b Eastlake ArchitectureDwell Kit-Prefab House by_a870b Eastlake ArchitectureDwell Kit-Prefab House by_a874b Eastlake ArchitectureDwell Kit-Prefab House by_a875b Eastlake ArchitectureDwell Kit-Prefab House

Saturday, April 19, 2014. Architecture, Interiors, Dwell Kit: The Compact Prefab House Designed by East Lake Builders.

The Compact Prefab House Designed by East Lake Builders, an area of ​​280 square meters, and yet we will not compromise with all the comforts of life living in it. Scrupulous and simplistic design of the house can accommodate all the necessary rooms you need for basic life. It was a modest …Read More

SuperFlex: Multifunctional Bamboo Building-Low Construction and Operation Costs

SUPERFLEX SYSTEM CONCEPT-Multifunctional_a859 bamboo buildingSUPERFLEX SYSTEM CONCEPTSUPERFLEX SYSTEM CONCEPT-Multifunctional_a861 bamboo buildingSUPERFLEX SYSTEM CONCEPT-Multifunctional_a864 bamboo buildingSUPERFLEX SYSTEM CONCEPT-Multifunctional bamboo building

Friday, April 18, 2014. Architecture, SuperFlex: Multifunctional Bamboo Building-Low Construction and Operation Costs.

SuperFlex: Multifunctional Bamboo Building-Low Construction and Operation Costs. A house has always referred to this private space, where one element can “move” on a personal level. As a matter of fact, is one of the few places where we can experience the tranquility of the transient physical security and retirement advice.In this …Read More

UN Office: Jordan Gets the Green Building Gold – WHO Headquarters

WHO-UN Office
UN Office-WHO Headquarters Building hkqUN Office-WHO Headquarters Building xb4mUN Office-WHO Headquarters Building 9mbeWHO-UN OfficeUN Office-WHO Headquarters Building

Friday, April 18, 2014. Office Designs, UN Office: Jordan Gets the Green Building Gold – WHO Headquarters.

WHO headquarters in Jordan gets a LEED-certified green building. The new headquarters of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Amman, the capital of Jordan is a green building principal. The same environment four-story structure is also the regional center for environmental health activities, sharing their reception, conference rooms, etc, and space saving. Designed …Read More