A good house is the one that blends well with the surroundings and create harmonious composition together. In a rocky Paradise Alley, Jarson Residence mixed with the surrounding pretty well. With basically rectangular shape, the house uses glass as the main elements. It creates semi-open space that stuns at night and reflect the rocky hill surrounding the house. Most importantly, the structure is very suitable with the contour of the landscape, make it solid and strong place to live.

Contemporary Home Design - Jarson Residence

Contemporary Home Design – Jarson Residence

Unlike the exterior view that is dominated by glass, the interior is more dominated by stainless steel that boosts the modern and sophisticated vibe of the house. Modern furniture in the house doesn’t only support the people, but also support the modern concept of the house. The beautiful view of McDowell Mountains becomes the strong statement of this house’s attraction.

The house actually divided into two parts. The first level is used as living house, along with kitchen, and the second level functions as bedroom and home office. With all qualities of the house, it is reasonable that the house is one of exclusive luxury residence that is available in Arizona. Nicely pulled out design by Will Bruder + Partners Ltd!