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The Holmenkollen Ski Jump Building in Norwegian with Contemporary Design by JDS Architects

Thursday, August 28, 2014 Category: Architecture
Holmenkollen Ski Architecture

The Holmenkollen ski jump is often described as one of the most famous installations of sport in the world. Designed by JDS Architects and 100 years ago, was a Norwegian lieutenant in the air and the ski jump 9.5 meters, was born pushed.Since 1892, the village welcomes Holmenkollen, Oslo 20 minutes, …Read More

Amazing Collector’s Loft by Poteet Architects San Antonio, USA

Thursday, August 28, 2014 Category: Architecture, Interiors
Interior Family Room at Collector’s Loft

The design of the interior was designed by architects in San Antonio, Poteet, Texas, United States developed. This loft has two floors and the roof of the factory in downtown San Antonio. Old and new interventions are shown in white to emphasize the contrast of the textures of stone and concrete, there …Read More

Amazing Casa Torcida by SPG Architects

Tuesday, August 19, 2014 Category: Architecture, Designers, Luxury Style
Casa Torcida House – Contemporary Modern House Design

Good work was done by architects GSP, is a modern and contemporary home called Casa Torcida in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica Design. A steel frame and concrete slab structure was abandoned by GSP into five levels, 18,000 SF, indoor-outdoor house on a hill overlooking the rain forest of the Golfo …Read More

Unique Modern Compact Mobile Housing Design

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 Category: Architecture
Compact Mobile Housing

Sustainability is the most important aspect of a house. Without a decent sustainability, the house could not support the activities inside it, and even can put the people in harm. A compact mobile housing design by Mehdi Hidari Badie offers sustainable housing that is not only easy to install and …Read More

Elegant Square House by Frederico

Sunday, August 10, 2014 Category: Architecture
An Elegant House by Frederico

A house that can make your life and have a great dynamic and elegant-looking, elegant building designed by Frederico Valsassina Architects need to be perfect. Located in Estoril, Portugal, the house offers spacious living space with a large garden and an outdoor pool.
Attached large square windows in every room make the …Read More