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PARKROYAL Hotel and Office / Skyscraper

Monday, May 26, 2014 Category: Gardening Designs, Hotel and Villa Designs
Skyscraper - Hotel and Office

Urban Jungle Redefined: Singapore to get a fresh new skyscraper thanks to WOHA Architects. Ownership of the Plaza Hotel could not have designed something so spectacular that when they decided they wanted a new class scraper sky in the heart of Singapore. Although minimal may not be very fond of the …Read More

Earth Chapel: Sustainable Solar Spirituality – 3 Negrense Artists Building that is All Green

Thursday, May 22, 2014 Category: Architecture
Earth Chapel - 3 Negrense artists build in Bacolod City

Sustainable solar spirituality: Bacolod City gets an Earth Chapel that is all green. It is an unfortunate consequence of human history that religion and science have never seen views on various topics. It is understandable, but the fact that if the two of them stopped ridiculing others and began working toward …Read More

Green Architecture Students: Green light for Eco-Research Center

Monday, May 19, 2014 Category: Architecture
Green light for eco-research center

High end research facility to give a lift to green architecture students in Prague. Green design and architecture are experiencing tremendous growth in demand. The reason for this are many. Not only are companies around the world are trying to turn green solutions, but the area remains unexplored to its full …Read More

Green Architecture: Enota Hotel Ribno

Saturday, April 19, 2014 Category: 3D Architectures, Hotel and Villa Designs
Enota Hotel Ribno

Enota Hotel Ribno. The project was to build a luxury hotel on the edge of wooded bluff and designerswere invited to create a structure that does not happen to be an intrusion into the landscape. So they decided to go with a design hotel is more like a mountain of asatellite image with a series of sharp peaks.
The design was inspired by the tops of pine trees and the rest of the design takesRibno Slovenian local architectural elements. Trying to combine with …Read More

3D Architecture: Vertical Farm for South Korea

Monday, April 14, 2014 Category: 3D Architectures
Vertical Farm for South Korea

A vertical farm designed by Dongjin Lee, Park and Lee Jinkyu Jeongwoo see the South Korean won, raised in the vertical structures. Symbiosis Tower named circular, the building is a skyscraper that will give you the opportunity to turn urban farming in cities. Platforms with lawns of the house spiral cows and …Read More