Green Roofs Animal Homes

Green Roofs Animal Homes

Green Roofs Animal Homes. These new and fresh green prefab green roofs are really fun to watch. Besides being used as a home for your pet, symbolizing his love of nature and vegetation as well. Get a home to add a glorious effect in your home.

Green Roofs dog house Animal

Green Roofs dog house Animal

Move the cursor over Michelle Kaufman, these new manufactured leave you and your pet drooling. LA-based Sustainable Pet Design combines green living, healthy, non-toxic paints and your pet to create this sustainable Animal House Green roofs. Now the man’s best friend feel confident that your house has a low environmental impact and that he or she is not the inhalation of toxic gases all night.

Stephanie Rubin, a landscape architect, created the first pet home after their dogs, soft durable, Rafale, has been lost to cancer. Just as we are entitled to a healthy environment, like our pets. So he teamed up with Chris painter / sculptor Isner to build homes for pets durable, made from sustainably harvested, the untreated cedar planks, low VOC paints and green roofs or no.

Do not have a dog? Do not worry, your pet will not be left out in the cold. Pet Homes are also available for sustainable birds and cats. And I’m sure a personal greeting for your monkey or ferret can be designed. The houses are not cheap, but when you compare the cost of a vet bill for a sick animal, the cost may not seem so bad.

Gallery of Green Roofs Animal Homes

Animal houses come in different shapes and sizes. Each one is custom made for your pet and location. Native vegetation is planted on the roof, according to its climate and natural precipitation. There is no need of water or maintenance of these plants much. Each Green roofs is a vertical extension of the roof structure and consists of vegetation, a culture medium, a filter membrane, drainage and sealing side or maintaining Fifi Fido dry.

I know that my puppy would love to curl inside one of these Green roof houses, but I’m sure it would eat the ceiling above it.

Images Credit: Sustainable Pet Design

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Green Roofs in the French High School

Green Roofs in the French High School

This is a Green Roofs in the French High School. This school is a marvel of design that creates a truly amazing fusion of the latter concept of green roofs with impeccable creativity. Green roofs are truly amazinglocal high school outside of what is truly the environment.

Gorgeous_a124 Green Roof in the French High School

Gorgeous_a124 Green Roof in the French High School

Green Roofs High school students in Revin, France soon take courses in a brand new andwonderful roof terrace of green roofs. Seen from above, the Lycée Jean Moulinback is just that school is a terraced landscape, virtually disappearing into the hillside. Designed by Paris-based Off Architecture in conjunction with Duncan Lewis Scape and Architecture Jeans Jacinto, this green roof is wonderful blend of curves and organic, in the field. Although we are a little jealous – our high schools were not as good.
This Green Roofs school will be built using sustainable restrictions on the slope, the descent and ascent of the hill. Each level is extracted from a high floor and windows to capture natural light. The roof instead of remaining flat in soft waves ripplingthrough the level for a more natural look and is covered with vegetation to blend into the surrounding landscape.

Scheduled for Green Roofs completion in 2012, these students will attend classes in a beautifulnatural environment and research. His only complaint might be that looks set toget plenty of exercise, up the hill inside their school every day to go to class. [Green Roof French High School]

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10 Sustainable 3D Architecture: Skyscrapers Designed to Have Green Roofs

10 Sustainable 3D Architecture: Skyscrapers Designed to Have Green Roofs

Here is a Skyscrapers Designed to Have Green Roofs. The request to adopt more environmentally friendly energy sources in everyday life has led many architects to design skyscrapers that can use renewable energy sources. The roofs of these buildings use sunlight and other sources of green energy.

Here is a list of 10 skyscrapers designed for sustainable green roofs:


1. Sustainable 3D Architecture-Skyscrapers: Chinatrust Bank complex features modern buildings with green roofs

Chinatrust Bank complex features modern buildings with green roofs

Chinatrust Bank complex features modern buildings with green roofs

Chinatrust Bank Complex in Taiwan is an organic structure, because it has green roofs. The office of NBBJ has designed this magnificent skyscrapers, with the Taiwanese firm Fei Cheng and Associates. This feature of 30-story building complex of 21 floors of commercial offices and 10 floors of the hotel. It is expected that by 2012 all the structure that covers about 2.5 million square feet.The building was designed to use natural energy and solar energy. The gardens on the roof of this building will reduce the runoff of rainwater.


2. Sustainable 3D Architecture-Skyscrapers: Felipe Campolina’s portability skyscraper features green roof and walls

Designed by Brazilian architect Philip Campolina, this futuristic skyscrapers with the green of the wall and the roof is composed of several units of mobile life.Housing units in this building are scaled to the standard OSB and structural steel plate makes the mobile units of life. The characteristics of the thermo-acoustic insulation wall and tower includes lanes on each floor. Six independent units are carried by each stage. The units were designed so they can be added or removed without disturbing the neighboring unit. The building has a recycling system and water.


3. Sustainable 3D Architecture-Skyscrapers: Perkins Eastman showcases green towers for Mumbai

Perkins Eastman showcases green towers for Mumbai

Perkins Eastman showcases green towers for Mumbai

Perkins Eastman recently unveiled two models of U.S. company specially designed skyscrapers in the Indian city of Mumbai. The designs of these skyscrapers green, were presented at the Kohinoor Skyscraper Competition. In the first design, Perkins Eastman has been proposed construction of a structure 108.000 meters square. This 33-story building has a dual basis of retail history. In the second design, the American company proposed to build two medium-rise buildings of 66,700 square meters each. These towers environmentally friendly electricity generation from renewable sources of energy. The roofs of the buildings have gardens.


4. Sustainable 3D Architecture-Skyscrapers: Suburb in the city: unique skyscraper provides urban green

Suburb in the city-unique skyscraper provides urban green

Suburb in the city-unique skyscraper provides urban green

Spanish company Nabito Architects proposed building a skyscraper of a single called “Stairscraper” in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The company claims that this green building occupants can feel the joy of suburban life while living here. All apartments in this building has a roof that will be used as a garden. Each unit of this skyscraper will have a private outdoor space, allowing occupants to grow your own garden.


5. Sustainable 3D Architecture-Skyscrapers: Fusionopolis – A truly green skyscraper

Fusionopolis-A truly green skyscraper

Fusionopolis-A truly green skyscraper

UK architect Ken Yeang to design a skyscraper green Fusionopolis deserve the name. He says he is the first truly green building in the world. Fusionopolis will be built in Singapore. This 15-story structure has a vertical column of planting in each floor. Each floor of this building has been landscaped terraces. This skyscraper green using natural sources like the sun to generate power.


6. Sustainable 3D Architecture-Skyscrapers: America’s tallest skyscraper gets a green makeover

Sears Tower, the tallest skyscraper in the United States, is set to get a green makeover, worth $ 350 million. It is expected that the makeover would reduce the power of these 4.5 million square feet in 80% and save 24 million gallons of water per year. The Sears Tower contains 104 elevators and 16,000 windows and it is likely that this huge structure that LEED certification in the near future. As part of the redesign, the roof of the building will have solar panels and wind turbines.Approximately 35,000 square feet of roof becomes the garden.


7. Sustainable 3D Architecture-Skyscrapers: mixed-use ‘Hyper-Tower’ has a soccer pitch on top

The “Hyper-Tour” is the result of the French architect Francois Jaubert. This double game of the tower has room for residential apartments, commercial and sporting events too. A fleet of vertical start on the ground floor connects the two towers. The park ends at the roof of this building to a football field. This tower has sports facilities and residential green on the upper levels, while offices, shops and restaurants are located in the lower levels.


8. Sustainable 3D Architecture: Terra skyscrapers create green urban space in the sky

Terra skyscrapers create green urban space in the sky

Terra skyscrapers create green urban space in the sky

San Francisco, the designer Joanna Borek-Clement deserves to conceptualize the idea of Sky-Terra skyscrapers. The entire structure is actually a network of interconnected towers. The floating structure has green areas, gardens, fields, pools, etc. The height of the tower from modular pieces can be up to 1600 feet.


9. Sustainable 3D Architecture-Skyscrapers: Biomimicry inspired cactus building

Biomimicry inspired cactus building

Biomimicry inspired cactus building

Aesthetics Architects GO Group has designed the structure of cactus-inspired energy efficiency for the government of Qatar. This construction has several smart shades that open and close depending on the strength of the sun. This building has a green dome and botany.


10. Sustainable 3D Architecture-Skyscrapers: Rødovre Tower to be plush sky village

Danish firm MVRDV designed a green building Rødovre a Danish municipality, in collaboration with ADEPT. Named “Sky Village”, this building will have 381 meters of residential space, offices, hotels and parks. The design of this green building is based on “pixels” which are flexible and measure 646 square feet each.

Gallie Craig The Green Roofed Coffee House in Drummore, Stranraer, Scotland, UK

Gallie Craig The Green Roofed Coffee House in Drummore, Stranraer, Scotland, UK

This beautiful piece of architecture can be easily confused with a simple landscape seen from above. The green roof, it just blends into the environment, which gives a very natural look. It also offers the Coffee House, with an aura of beauty and harmony with nature.


Gallie Craig Coffee Shop_a136-Green Roofs in Drummore, Stranraer, Scotland, UK

Gallie Craig Coffee Shop_a136-Green Roofs in Drummore, Stranraer, Scotland, UK

The Mull of Galloway is the punctuation mark that Galloway brings heavy Rhins to an abrupt end. This is the southernmost of Scotland and view the display at the following shows the most points, Skiddaw in the English Lake District is visible 68 miles east of here, while Snaefell on the Isle of Man can see 31 miles to the southeast. In a very clear day, you can even see Snowdon, 133 kilometers south of Wales.

“Mosts” always attract visitors, and the southernmost point of Scotland is no exception. Perhaps most striking in the Mull of Galloway, is that any person who is the journey of 20 miles from Stranraer is likely to find plenty to see and do what they could expect.

The most obvious feature of the Mull of Galloway is the spectacular scenery. The strongly deformed land to the east at its southern end and rises to a height of nearly 280ft, in many places sheer from the sea in the bend of the road reaches a low of 70 meters as it passes through the “narrow isthmus between the bays of East and West Tarbet Tarbet: it is almost as if nature considered as the Mull of Galloway on an island before deciding against it.

The first residents are clearly this feature useful and it is always possible to trace the linear earthworks across the peninsula just above the narrowest point of the isthmus. It is 400 m long and consists of three ditches with two intermediary banks up to 4 m wide by 2.2 m peak. Someone, probably in the Bronze or Iron Age, put much effort in keeping unwanted visitors.

As you get beyond the earthworks that looks to the right of the view provided by Cairn Kennedy. But now, it is likely to be very focused on the acquisition, which is the Mull of Galloway’s most striking feature on the contrary, its lighthouse. It is visible intermittently for a number of miles you make your way on the road to Port Logan and Drummore, and like all the lights that have a powerful attraction.

The Mull of Galloway lighthouse is a tower of 26m high, or 85ft lighthouse surrounded by cottages and workshops. It was built in 1828 at a cost of £ 9000 by Robert Stevenson, a member of the family of engineers responsible for most lighthouses in Scotland. The light oil shot up to 1971, since when is powered by electricity. The foghorn is no longer in use but can still be visited through a series of steps leading down to the middle of the cliff. The lighthouse was automated in 1988 and is now remotely controlled from the headquarters of the Northern Lighthouse Board at 84 George Street in Edinburgh. The lighthouse keeper cottages now rented out as accommodation for the National Trust for Scotland.

It tells the story of the lighthouse at the Mull of Galloway Lighthouse Exhibition, located in the old lighthouse and workshops open to the middle of summer with a low entry price. The weekend admission includes a climb of 114 steps to the top of the lighthouse itself.

The Mull is also one of the RSPB reserves the smallest of nature. It has a reception center is run from a small white houses west of the lighthouse complex, also open by mid-summer of this year.

Images of Green Roofs Gallie Craig Coffee House

The last important feature in the Mull of Galloway is also the newest. Just below the parking, access road passes through the glass spout and grass covered Gallie Craig Coffee House, built here in 2004. The site is spectacular, perched on the cliffs that plunge into the sea below and the views that the result is wondrous.The building designed by a licensed restaurant can accommodate up to 90 people must have been an act of faith, and it’s nice to be able to announce that perfectly complements the Gallie Craig’s other attractions Mull of Galloway, making it a even more attractive place to visit.

Project Name: Gallie Craig Coffee Shop
Year: 2004
Owner: Harvey & Angela Sloan
Location: Drummore, Stranraer, Scotland, UK
Building Type: Commercial
Type: Extensive
System: Single Source Provider
Size: 4306 sq.ft.
Slope: 18%
Access: Inaccessible, Private
Submitted by: Alumasc Exterior Building Products Ltd

Designers/Manufacturers of Record:
Greenroof System: Alumasc ZinCo
Architect: IB MacFadzean

Images Credit:

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15 Amazing Green Roofs


Green roofs are not only terrace that are painted green, they are living, breathing roof full of plants and herbs. Slowly and gradually the popularity of green roofs is constantly growing and you can attend a number of green roofs creative designerin the world. These green roofs, despite a high initial cost (about $ 200 per square foot), have relatively low maintenance, and also allow natural cooling of the building that reduces the cost of cooling about 10 percent. The teaching of green roofs onbuildings, homes and even the public is truly a sight to behold. Apart from creating a “live” serene, beautiful and ceiling, which are very good at keeping the weather, when present in large groups. Some green roofs are so rare and are found in such unexpected places that seem strange and amazing at once. 15 green roofs andthe most bizarre and creative to redefine the term “take green to new heights,” are presented to you here.


15 Amazing Green Roofs


  1. Sheffield Bus Shelter Green Roofs

  2. Green Roofs Subway Entrance at Barclays Central Plaza

  3. Innovative Green Roofs on Cars

  4. The Prefab Green Roofs House Boat

  5. Garage Green Roofs in Mount Baker

  6. Green Roof Serves as Goat Pasture

  7. Woodward Bird Green Roof Houses

  8. Green Roofs Animal Homes

  9. Green Roofs Shutter Island

  10. Beautiful Green roofs Bar House in the San Francisco

  11. Gallie Craig The Green Roofed Coffee House in Scotland, UK

  12. Amazing Green Roofs in the French High School

  13. Amazing Green Roofs in Singapore’s Nanyang Art College

  14. Norwegian Green Roofs

  15. Amazing Green Roofs: Green Grass Roofs on Recyclable Homes