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Ethnical Indian Living Room and Bedroom Interior Design by La Maison Coloniale

Sunday, October 26, 2014 Category: Bed, Bedroom Designs, Living Room Ideas

Here we take you to the exoticism living room of India. India has a very clean and distinct ethnic art of living room. It is always associated with a delicious curry. On the other pleasures of the hot curry, enchanting music and well known in India in addition to the fragrance and color. It …Read More

Modern Japanese Living Room Layout

Wednesday, October 15, 2014 Category: Decoration Ideas, Living Room Ideas
tatami room japan

What is your idea, if you be fair about Japan? Perhaps the first thing that our mind has a lounge, the Japanese activities center living room a beautiful interior design, furniture style and natural materials, has warm came, minimalist interior design and offers the flexibility to new multi-purpose space that …Read More

20 Best Modern Living Room Storage Organization

Organize the storeroom modern Livng the question of balance. You need enough of it, but without a lot of furniture. In the pictures you can find some interesting ideas for modern living room set with the minimalist spirit.
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Images Credit: centralinteriordesign

Interior design by Rezon8 Living Room

Sunday, August 31, 2014 Category: Furniture, Interiors, Living Room Ideas

Need inspiration for your interior, Bellow some interior shots that you could help Rezon8 of Living, a store in Los Angeles. The details for this exhibition of contemporary haute couture furniture, lighting and accessories for the living room and dining room, bedroom, dining room, and even the home office. The entire …Read More

Modern Contemporary House In Vienna With Exterior The Meadow

Friday, August 29, 2014 Category: Architecture, Designers, Exterior Designs
Exterior Modern Contemporary House In Vienna Interior

My house is a palace. A modern, minimalist house is now a dream for everyone, not exaggerated, but it’s pretty simple, does not need big, important enough to family to protect against heat, rain and more pleasant place to live. A modern and contemporary house with a beautiful meadow surrounded consists of …Read More