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Ecoturism Center In Fontainebleau, France by Inca Architectes

Sunday, May 4, 2014 Category: Architecture
Earthy Ecotourism Center in Fontainebleau France

Earthy Ecotourism Center in Fontainebleau France. The structure has a unique design with a pitched roof and clean lines in the bottom half. Imitates the shape of the stones which fill the site eroded. The singleis still solid, made of wood, is a new concept, which was the first Combined with the new. The building has a modern design, but gives the atmosphere of earthlytime.
The arched roof construction offers excellent shape and glass doors line providedby the scale gives the structure of an open atmosphere. The walls were made …Read More

40 Stylish Decorative Wall Mirrors by Riflessi

Saturday, February 8, 2014 Category: Best Architectures, Decoration Ideas
Decorating Wall Mirrors by Rifleshi architecs36

Wall Mirrors is used as part of interior design that reflects the character of the owner. To do this, choose a Wall Mirrors requires special attention and care. The appropriate selection prints a perfect room. The selection of Wall Mirrors that fit into the room and the feeling is, and the satisfaction level of …Read More

Colorful School Architecture with Eye Catching Exterior Design

Thursday, December 29, 2011 Category: Architecture
Colorful School Architecture with Eye Catching Exterior

architectureholic facility where information on all the needs of home and inspiration on house construction. This is a Colorful School Architecture with Eye Catching Exterior Design. Wahroonga school architecture called a building can be catchy and other adjacent buildings. However, the brightness of color is the focal point in the environment. The architecture draws attention to many people multicolor absolute, since it seems the largest architecture is constructed on the basis of the perception …Read More

Small Aquarium Design

Saturday, September 10, 2011 Category: Decoration Ideas, Home Accessories, Living Room Ideas
Dining room with Aquarium Design

The fish can be a fun way to add a little life in your living room – but the aquarium is cool, you’re with a unique design, with the entry of exotic fish makes presents. As an independent labyrinth, a maze of this aquarium is a series of small “bubbles” of …Read More