Compact Mobile Housing

Compact Mobile Housing

Sustainability is the most important aspect of a house. Without decent sustainability, a house could not support the activities inside it, and could even harm people. A compact mobile housing design by Mehdi Hidari Badie offers sustainable housing that is not only easy to install and move but also comfortable. The structural design uses a combination of steel, recycled plastics, aluminum and thermoplastic insulation.

In terms of style, the house looks very modern, with wood accents dominating both the exterior and interior.   Interestingly, the house is also equipped with solar panels that provide the energy for the house. The pros at Hustad Companies Inc have shown that with enough solar panels, a house can go completely off the grid. So, with this feature, the house will work perfectly well even in secluded area, so long as that area is exposed to a decent amount of sunlight. The point that should be underlined here is that the house is aesthetically pleasing and brings many outstanding features that can hardly be found in other houses.

Without a doubt, the most interesting advantage of the house is that, with these features, particularly the solar panels, it is possible to use the house as temporary housing for the victims of natural disasters or other emergency situations. It can be easily installed and also can be moved to whatever location it is most needed. Basically, it is a creative and excellent piece of work from Mahdi Hidari Badie. Hopefully, the house will inspire other architects to design other homes that are as useful and beautiful.

Here are three high resolution images of the house that you can look at. Click on the thumbnail to get a more detailed view.

Images Credit: architecture