Urban Space: [email protected] by GOMMA Architecture Design

Urban Space: [email protected] by GOMMA Architecture Design. The Pini @ Pigneto GOMMAdesign this idea shared by a large urban space that holds the promise of a good time without causing any damage to the environment. Architecture and design of this project is inspired by nature and it is logical, because the whole project is a tribute to nature. The project involves the recycling of metal waste and exploit natural resources and renewable energy.

Pini@Pigneto by GOMMAdesign

[email protected] by GOMMAdesign

The location of this project is the pedestrian bridge near the old Pigneti Pigneto Rome.The name was born from the inspiration provided by a long row of pine trees that were planted back in the 18th century by the family Caballini. The most critical of this proposal is the canopy of photovoltaic cells that form the canopy.The set of these pins perform three vital functions.

During the day, captures solar energy, solar energy at night to provide the energy needed to light the LED lamps. During the day, this group of pines provide shade necessary despite the intense natural sunlight. The trunk and branches of these trees are made of tubular galvanized steel pipes, which are commonly used as an external structure pylons.This train serves two purposes.

First, the child hides and other electrical parts and supports both sheets and plates which form the basis of this structure. The plates at the base of the square are held together by brackets attached to the branches of these pines trees.Keeping account of the intimate nature of the area, this place more autonomous approaches to the court a stunning public square urban.

It offers the ideal place to have the feeling of a relaxed and informal community social mix. Photovoltaic cells or leaves of pine trees makes this project a friendly atmosphere. The design and implementation of these sheets is unique. Each blade has an inclination angle that allows for maximum exposure to sunlight and ensures that does not receive a sheet in the shadow of an adjacent element.These solar panels also have LEDs which allow diffused light overnight.

Once lit, this place looks like a jewel in the crown that can be the center of the neighborhood. The ecological aspect is not limited to lighting, the site also promotes green transportation options like bicycling. He has a way of three meters wide with a bicycle parking area. Motor vehicles opt for the nearest alley.The proposal for urban self Pigneto is an excellent example to recreate that old neighborhood feel, without causing any damage to the environment. We only hope that the draft Pigneto serves as a source of inspiration for the promotion of new green ideas that can be effectively integrated into modern life.

Images of Urban Space: [email protected] by GOMMA Architecture Design

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Project: [email protected]
Type: Public square
Location: Pigneto – Rome, Italy
Year: 2010
Status: Competition entry
Design: GOMMAdesign
Design team: Francesco Bagni, Vittorio Menna, Gabriele Settimelli

Images Credit: GOMMAdesign

Urban Space: [email protected] by GOMMA Architecture Design Pictures

Pini@Pigneto-GOMMAdesign-lighting scheme

[email protected] scheme


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Pini@Pigneto-GOMMAdesign-long section

[email protected] section

Pini@Pigneto-GOMMAdesign-parametric parameters

[email protected] parameters

Pini@Pigneto-GOMMAdesign-parametric plan

[email protected] plan

Pini@Pigneto-GOMMAdesign-parametric trees

[email protected] trees

Pini@Pigneto-GOMMAdesign-parametric trees panels

[email protected] trees panels

Pini@Pigneto-GOMMAdesign-trees plan

[email protected] plan

Pini@Pigneto-GOMMAdesign-crossing and sitting scheme

[email protected] and sitting scheme

Pini@Pigneto-GOMMAdesign-benches plan

[email protected] plan


[email protected]


[email protected]

Pini@Pigneto-GOMMAdesign-grasshopper definition

[email protected] definition


[email protected]_a912x_Architecture


[email protected]_a913x_Architecture


[email protected]_a914x_Architecture


[email protected]_a915x_Architecture


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