clean bathroom Architecture

10 Tips to keep the bathroom always clean

A dirty bathroom in a beautiful house is like a beautiful woman with dirty shoes. A filthy bathroom is not only unhealthy but also very annoying when you need unexpected visitors to use the facilities. Maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom will not only help you, hygienic areas, but does not help you escape the washing and cleaning session when dirt accumulates.

clean bathroom Architecture
clean bathroom Architecture

Here is a list of tips to keep your bathroom always clean –


1) Irrespective of the size of your bathroom, whether it is big or small, only stock those things in the bathroom which are required on a daily basis.

2) Throw away the empty bottles of shampoo, cream, old toothpastes and old buckets without being attached to them thinking that they may be used someday.

3) Make it a point to flush the commode after every use. If there is no water in the system then throw a bucket of water into the commode.

4) Store a spray bottle with disinfectant cleaner under the sink along with some wipes or a roll of toilet paper. If you desire to be thrifty, vinegar and water also makes a good cleaning solution. With this solution, wipe the toilet seat, under the seat and also around the bowl. Scrub the inside of a toilet weekly.

5) Spray the cleaning solution in the sink also, and a quick wipe with a towel will not allow the dirt to accumulate.

6) Do not allow the soap scum to build up in the shower area. After a bath, rinse the bathtub and the titles with warm water. After the soap residue is rinsed, gently wipe the floor and walls with a soft cloth. Moreover, bar soap is the main culprit behind soap scum. Liquid soap and shower gel cause less soap scum to develop.

7) If there are any leafy faucets, sewage pipes or fault flush systems, rectify them immediately.

8)If there is a window in the bathroom, open it every day in the morning so that sunlight and fresh air can travel in.

9) Do not forget to place a dust bin inside your bathroom and use it for disposing used tampons, condoms, floss, used tissues, etc. Do not allow the trash to pile up and empty the bin every day.

10) Install a bathroom exhaust fan or else place a good room freshener in the bathroom.