Artificial Clouds - A marvel for the Winter Olympics 2014

3D Architecture: Artificial Clouds for 2014 Winter Olympics by Asadov Architecure Studio

Artificial Clouds – A marvel for the Winter Olympics 2014 by Asadov Architecure Studio. Two years from now and Sochi in Russia will host the Winter Olympics 2014. If he could witness the wonder of artificial clouds, designed by Architecture Studio Asadov. It originally conceptualized aero static architectural competition in 2010 and now can see the light as the clouds that float through the modular Olympic city.


Artificial Clouds - A marvel for the Winter Olympics 2014


The technology behind the project is based on a universal system of modules that can be grouped and separated at high altitudes. The basic structure of the cloud is supported by an aluminum frame is equipped with a fabric membrane. Stable during the vertical movement, clouds are rigidly connected together.

The bottoms of the modules are defined funnels rain, moisture builds up and can be made to pay as rain. The top layer is integrated with solar elements, which collect solar energy which can be used for lighting and life support.

Enthusiasm for the different scenarios that will put the clouds for different uses is very important. They can be used to cover park resources or welcome personalities in the fields of ski mountaineering, etc. Once the Olympics are done with the “cloud” can be used on the streets covered in several festivals,entertainment remainder in the city of Sochi.

Images Credit: Asadov Architecure Studio