Zero-Net Energy Training Center

3D Architecture: Zero-Net Energy Training Center

Learning at the ‘Zero Net Energy Training Center’. Today’s workers must be trained to a greener future, and why, Beth Percy, atrainee architect, conceptualized the “zero net energy training center.” It is free togrow as a learning center that will teach the labor force in the maintenance and repair of green technologies.

Zero-Net Energy Training Center
Zero-Net Energy Training Center

Intended for Long Beach, California, training center incorporates a design that will consume zero net energy. This means that the building energy collection siteusing a combination of energy production techniques that are sustainable. Zeronet energy building connotes that the structure generates energy, which equals one or exceeds their energy needs.

Gallery of 3D Architecture: Zero-Net Energy Training Center

Learning can be quickly ease of observation and workers are sure to collect clueswhile walking around campus. The orientation of the building and consolidation of the material used for construction, all contribute to making energy efficient.Construction technique it plays an important role in determining how the structureis bound to be sustained.

While most fans are looking forward to the echo a paradigm shift that will change the current construction stage, we have a long way to go. Zero energy designs are able to save us from the heavy fuel costs and at the same time, can save the planet from the negative effects of ecological imbalance.

Images Credit: Behance