4.S.U.M. - Sustainable Urban Modules

4.S.U.M.: Sustainable Urban Modules: Multi Residential Concept by Global Objective

The 4.S.U.M. (Sustainable Urban Modules) indicates a new stage in the concept of multi residential architecture. The Paris on the idea that sustainabilityis presented not only in the classic lines of energy, matter and water, but the debate on the future development faces the challenge of enhancing socialcohesion harmonious and appropriate use of land and mobility in this regard.

4.S.U.M. - Sustainable Urban Modules

Demographic trajectories predict a future in which the role of eco-cities will be the only stable means of sustainable development. GO_to paper analyzes a new concept of urban development directly related to the multi-density morphologiesnew energy systems and building assets that have less impact on emissions of greenhouse gases.

The combination of prefabricated modules based on the idea of self-liability leads to the house of some rich interstitial spaces, which promote the concept of serendipity by Francesc Muñoz, who appears as a priority for social cohesion and a better quality of life in cities of the future.

Images of 4.S.U.M.: Sustainable Urban Modules

It states a new step in the concept of multi-residential architecture.

The project follows a reference path, as Moshe Safdie on Habitat 67 in Montreal,Walden 7 housing project by Ricardo Bofill and the experimental, the most recenthousing LIMA (Low Impact Mediterranean architecture), promoted by the architectJoan Sabaté.

Images Credit: Global Objective