Here is a Five Famous Buildings That Got a Green Makeover. The architects and designers in the world of environmentally conscious households is based on green architecture. These structures, if they really hit the world, are glaring examples of environmental awareness to the next generation.

Lets see Five Famous Buildings That Got a Green Makeover

1. Western Canada’s oldest skyscraper Union Bank Tower gets a facelift

The first adaptation of the building in New York was built with aluminum composite materials. He won the Silver LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for its green credentials. This skyscraper has also used the glass scene, with its steel frame to give it a modern and futuristic perspective. The main challenge in its architecture was to reduce the load on the basis of bricks. Thus, ACM panel is used to create a suspension system, which was possible thanks to a lightweight panel. The building now has 36, the resulting story, and occupies an area of ​​955,000 meters square, with large halls and twice the size of the original facades. There are 14 green roofs that work for the water recycling system in maintaining Xero Flor carpet floor.


3. Taiwan’s tallest skyscraper undergoes $1.9m green facelift

Taiwan's tallest skyscraper undergoes $1.9m green facelift

Taiwan’s tallest skyscraper undergoes $1.9m green facelift

This eco-conscious building Taiwan is working to reduce energy and water consumption by up to 10 percent. This building is located in Taipei, and the owner, the Taipei Financial Center Corp. (TFCC) is renovating the building to include new heating system and green systems, ventilation and cooling and the establishment of a piping structure the building will collect and direct rainwater to clean toilets. The traditional lighting system will also be replaced by energy efficient lighting and more stress will be given in the preparation of local food in the building. This will be done to significantly reduce harmful emissions from vehicles for the transport of food to construction.


4. San Francisco Victorian house gets a 21st century ‘green’ makeover

San Francisco Victorian house gets a 21st century 'green' makeover

San Francisco Victorian house gets a 21st century ‘green’ makeover

Under the direction of eco-conscious designer, Criag Steelt, the Victorian house in San Francisco will have a green makeover, according to the needs of the 21st century. Therefore, it is a brave attempt to restore the heritage of 19th century building in the region in a much more intelligent and more aware of eco. The basic material of this new structure is made of recycled wood and recycled wood fronts. Another notable update the attic glass steel exoskeleton that supports the structure of the attic and creates less pressure on land. Therefore, the designer has tried to restore the original structure of the neon green of the original Victorian house, but with a touch of eco conscious.


5. California Academy of Sciences gets a green makeover

California Academy of Sciences gets a green makeover

California Academy of Sciences gets a green makeover

This newly created green in California, the California Academy of Sciences, is a commendable effort by the architect to give eco conscious functions. Therefore, platinum LEED building certificate is a self-supporting structure. It also includes a vegetation on the roof of living plants covering 2.5 hectares, with 60,000 photovoltaic cells, the indoor rainforest with live animals and plants, sponsored by NASA planetary and life of the aquarium, which all contributes to its environmental credentials.