Green Building-7 Best LEED Certified Green Buildings

7 Best LEED Certified Green Buildings

This is a 7 Best LEED Certified Green Buildings. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a certification system for green buildings developed by the Washington-based U.S.Green Building Council (USGBC). This is a recent innovation to design and construct buildings, neighborhoods or communities using eco friendly materials and resources to reduce CO2 emissions, improve energy conservation, improved water use efficiency and indoor environmental quality . LEED standards cover both new construction projects and major renovation projects of existing buildings.This rating system is designed to promote and improve the profitability and productivity of construction practices, and reduce negative impacts on our environment, improving the health of occupants.

Green Building-7 Best LEED Certified Green Buildings
Green Building-7 Best LEED Certified Green Buildings

1. Helios House Gas Station Buildings

In Los Angeles, California, this beautiful station was designed by Office dA with Johnston Marklee. This is the only gas station in the United States to comply with LEED standards. This building is made of heat due to recycled glass and steel and has a futuristic look. The gas station is covered with light-reflective solar panels can eliminate between 15 and 23 tons of CO2 each year. It even has a system for collecting rainwater. BP, the oil giant, which owns the gas station. And being in the oil sector, which is the mortal enemy of the environment, the company is proud to have carried out such an approach to mitigate their own impact on nature.

2. USGBC Headquarters Buildings

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) developed LEED and would be a bitter irony, though its headquarters are not environmentally friendly. The building was built by James G. Davis Construction Corp. with the help of engineers from the engineering consulting firm GHT Limited, and was designed by the architectural firm Envision design. Some notable features are the use of green walls of 500 year old tree gum and glass-paneled windows for natural lighting, which in turn reduce electricity consumption.

3. The Genzyme Center Buildings

Genzyme Center, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was designed by Behnisch, Behnisch & Partner and has a LEED Platinum rating. Arrangements have solar panels on your roof and is equipped with a day of classification that allows the structure to reduce overall energy consumption by almost 50%. Water consumption in the building is 32% more efficient than a typical office building.Besides a number of advanced technologies that are used to make the environment and energy efficiency, the building is an architectural wonder.

4. Living Homes Z6 House Buildings

This million dollar home located in the residential city of Santa Monica was designed by an architect named Ray Kappe. The building has a solar water heater and photovoltaic roof tiles. Generation of 22,000 pounds less waste than a traditional house, is considered the home and the environment. It also has a rooftop garden, which adds to its beauty.

5. Clinton Presidential Library Buildings

The building of metal and glass, standing in the middle of a green and cultivated, is an impressive milestone in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was designed by James Polshek and Richard Olcott of Polshek Partnership Architects and is rated LEED Platinum. The library is equipped with technologies to reduce and recycle waste.Also has a collection of rain green roof.

6. The Verdesian Buildings

The Verdesian was designed by a development team including Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, Design Architect, SLCE architects, architect, and others. Located in the heart of Manhattan, this high-rise housing has a platinum LEED rating and is designed to be 40% more energy efficient. With building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) installed on the roof, the building reflects a mixture of ultra-modern and traditional.

7. Daybreak Corporate Center Buildings

Kennecott Land Corporate Dawn Center has been designed and developed by architects and Sahara FFKR Inc., and has been certified LEED Platinum.Covering 175,000 square meters with a construction cost a staggering $ 40 million, the building consumes 22% less energy compared to standard office buildings, a wonderful achievement. 22% of recycled building materials, were the sources and construction to waterless urinals.

7 Best LEED Certified Green Buildings