Architecture xylem bambo bathroom vanity

7 Tips a perfect bathroom makeover

Today, bathroom are well known to one of the most important areas of the house. They are much more than a quick wash or brush. The fact can not be denied that, although the bathroom are the smallest rooms in a house, but she put the most frequently used. Frankly, a bath is perfect as a sanctuary where one can escape the pressures of life in a moment.

Tips Architecture for a perfect bathroom
Tips Architecture for a perfect


Here is a list of ten tips for a perfect bathroom

1) First of all, you must ascertain the end users of the bathroom and available space in order to ensure that the bathroom is used wisely and does not appear cluttered or overdone.


2) Storage is one of the most vital factors in connection with a bathroom as there are several things that need to be stored in a bathroom. Storage space can be created by placing large cupboard under the sink, or hanging a cupboard with the mirror doors.

3) Try to make your bathroom elegant. It is not the right place to express your hobbies or passion for any special characters or movies.

Architecture xylem bambo bathroom vanity
Architecture xylem bambo bathroom vanity


4) Fixtures and materials that are focused on quality and contemporary feel must be introduced.  A bathroom looks best if done in a neutral color scheme. By choosing colors such as an off white, cream and beige for the bathroom, you would create a timeless room. In addition, a splash of color can be added by hanging colorful towels.

5) The bath area should always be created in accordance to the available space. A bathtub should only be introduced if you have a large bathroom in order to avoid imparting a crowded look. For smaller bathrooms, half bath or a shower cubicle would be an ideal choice.

Architecture carnation freestanding suite and high level toilet
Architecture carnation freestanding suite and high level toilet


6) The toilet should never be installed facing the door of the bathroom. Instead, it should be placed in a corner and against a wall. It is always better to have hanging toilet bowls as they free up the floor space.

7) As the bathroom is mainly used for grooming purpose, lighting of the rooms needs to be paid utmost consideration. Adequate lightning in a bathroom will open up the area and make it appear large.  It is not necessary to install a number of lighting fixtures, but it should be ensured that bright light is emitted and shadows and glaring are reduced.

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