A Fun New Interior Children Room at the Hospital

The stay in hospital is never fun. Adults or children, is the hospital is a major problem because of the boredom, the smell and the interior light that you feel will never get back. Even more, for children, the hospital is only one scene, dead, boring, and what fun it is not the healing process of children is slow. Now the feeling is not so. The cooperation of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the agency Creative Dan Pearlman create this amazing beautiful and colorful interior decorated in a style that tells the most important concept. Room Interior These new children’s hospital provides a fantastic story about a trip to Neverland to play and rest. This hospital is in three parts, the sand castle (sand box), the Palmehutte (palm hat) and Clipper (Clipper). Although there really a split of fun for kids, but I wonder who is ready to be sick. But if we never knew, and the hospital certainly hope that this interior design, it could set the healing process of children who became ill.

Images Credit: Dan Pearlman Interior