All-In-One-Room in Small House

After looking at the pictures of this beautiful crib in Scandinavia, small house, we can only guessthe last thing this house has a room. You will be surprised to know that, in fact, the total area of ​​the house of one room 44 square meters.VasastanLocated in Stockholm seems, in this bright and comfortable studio, to have everything: a beautiful modern design function and a general atmosphereof welcome. After Alvhem Makleri & Home is a home that exudes tranquility peaceand.The living room is bright and Social Affairs, with the opening of the kitchen and sleeping area. Windows resolution of the boundary between interior and exterior allows natural light to the rule. We are sure you have noticed the chamber large enough for a king-size bed. This may be a small house, but will enhance the approach to thedesign inspired only “big” ideas.

Images Credit: Small House