Tree Bed Asli Tunca Furniture

Amazing Tree Bed by Asli Tunca

Tree Bed Asli Tunca Furniture
Tree Bed Asli Tunca Furniture

The bed was exceptional interior designed by Turkish designer Asli Tunca. The bed is four chestnut trees as a pillar of the bed, bedroom decor design. Four legs aretree looks very realistic with red paint.

The Turkish interior architect Asli Tunca has decided to add the element of the fairy tale to the usual bed. The result of his tree bed was very unusual, but very elegant. This bed is for two, it is normal size and the shame is four trees in the corners of the bed used as bed posts. In addition, another interesting fact is the color of these unique trees. They are red. The solution of this designer is very simple and perhaps even rustic but very elegant. Asli Tunca combined his vision with the ideas of Carl Vecauteren and that made the bed design really incredible.

It is a Turkish delight. The Modedesigner now interior architect Asli Tunca takes the traditional and creep. The great architectural bones help, but what he places in these rooms is just delicious. I want this red bed to be so bad that it hurts. The gentleman’s bath is a tailor-made pleasure and will not let me start in the grotto shower. OTT is so wrong that it is fair.

A bed of unique and beautiful creations in the show as a work of Asli Tunca, they designed a single bed made in its four legs from the dried tree. Decorate a bedroom of the Asli Tunca, combined with an ethnic style, a unique and attractive look. A bed with a unique style, give the decoration a beautiful art to enjoy and comfort in bed as outdoors.
The combination of red and white blanket and linens blankets, as well as the four-foot cover, which ends in red. The combination of these beds with a variety of ethnic furniture such as the Ottoman table and the side table influence in forming the natural feeling of the bed, just like a member feel a unique and added The beauty of the decoration. This requires foresight in the integration of the decoration and in the selection of the furniture of this bed companion. Asli Tunca Visit for more information.

Images Credit: Asli Tunca/bed