Awesome Bedroom Storage Cabinet by Poltrona

Ocean Cabinetcontemporary ideas, Poltrona Frau is a perfect choicefor furnitureplaced those with limited space and the need for a compact piece in a contemporary house. Oceano bedroom trunk marine character, to give a look to your room.

All furniture is equipped with a variety of storage options in the drawers and can be tailored to your needs. Whether you want to fill the Oceano Cabinet with clothes, accessories and objects, you can enjoy the boxes in all sizes in the trunk. The designer was inspired to go to sea, so that it would be perfect to think for the cruise.

Pelle Frau ®  Cabinet leather is lightly coated on the outside, the interior comfortable burntcolorsMDF in milk or with details in natural oak, chromed metal and saddle cover. It is also the added benefit of a folding chair, padded mini-office, idealfor write a letter or a newspaper. Poltrona Frau Oceano trunk istrully something new that everyone should have in modern houses. Cabinet

Images Credit: Poltrona Cabinet

Awesome Bedroom Storage Cabinet by Poltrona Pictures

Bedroom Storage Cabinet

Bedroom Storage Cabinet by Poltrona

poltrona oceano fold up jewelry cabinet

Storage Cabinet

Storage Cabinet by Poltrona

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