Bamboo Wings by VO TRONG NGHIA Architecs

Bamboo Wings in Vinh Phuc, Vietnam by VO TRONG NGHIA, LTD

Here is a Bamboo Wings in Vinh Phuc, Vietnam by VO TRONG NGHIA, LTD. One of the natural resources is achieved most bambooBamboo grows quickly and is found throughout the world. No qualms that control of the use of bamboowill result in improvement of the environment around the world. The best examplecan be seen in the wing shape of bamboo from Vietnam, an architectural wondermade of bamboo in the northern province of Vinh Phuc, who won the international architectural Chicago Athenaeum Museum of the U.S.

Bamboo Wings by VO TRONG NGHIA Architecs
Bamboo Wings by VO TRONG NGHIA Architecs

The main objective of this design is to explore opportunities in the field ofstructural design with bamboo only. The site is surrounded by the world, a natural pond and vegetation. It is located near Hanoi in Vietnam. Here, bamboo is used not only as a finishing material, but also as a structural material. This is the construction of pure bamboo. N steel or other wood materials used in the structure.

The aim of this project is to find the possibilities of the space with bamboo and bamboo itself

This unique structure, flying over the sky, like the wings of a bird, it is possible to understand the large open space with no columns at all. This free space in the cultural center will be used for fashion shows, music programs, meetings and seminars.

This project contributes to the introduction of a new development with newresources available in nature. The shape of the cover as the wings of birds islikely that the air inside the building. It also helps improve the environment by minimizing the use of air conditioning. And inside his barn facilitates the experience of people as living in the wild.

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