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Beautiful Green roofs Bar House in the San Francisco


Green roofs Bar House_148by Feldman
Green roofs Bar House_148by Feldman

This is a Green roofs Bar House in the San Francisco. The building is divided into a bedroom and a living perpendicular, with large windows that fills the large space with natural light. The 2 Bar House was built with sustainable materials and it combines energy efficiency, innovative design, and green space under — and on top of — one roof.

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Feldman architecture eliminates an inefficient structure of age at the site of the house 2 bar to make way for a new and modern. The house was built for an active family who enjoy activities both indoors and outdoors. The family is connected with the court of its range through large glass walls of the window set in the living rooms and dining below. In the warmer months, the glass curtain open, to expand the living space to the terrace that surrounds the outer perimeter of the house. The two walls accordion glass door and glass garage-style panels open to let fresh air of the court.

The rooms are in the top horizontal bar and are encased in wood blinds. The laths to provide privacy, filtering the sunlight, rain help keep outside the structure, and also provide aesthetic appeal. Sky lighting large windows and illuminate the rooms. A skylight in a nursery is available for indoor climbing wall features, leading to the hoods.

Caps private roof top garden in the living room. The green roof is built to match the garden and yard, and provides an additional width of the green part of the family to enjoy. Also helps isolate the rooms below, while the infiltration of rain water. The green house is a model efficient and elegant family life that maximizes natural light and ventilation, and even draw some power from a photovoltaic array.

Images Credit: Feldman Architecture