Swirling ramps form basis of JDS’s competition entry for Bike City in Chongming. JDS is a young design studio that seems to make it big! Participate in the Contest, the bike park Chongming, attempts to create what might be called an urban oasis near the city of Shanghai. It also has in it a refuge, a multipurpose room and a museum of the bike. Ecowan project, to be grass and replanted toprovide a beautiful view and a natural feel. The whole structure is spiralingupward, and gently sloping ramps makes it a wonderful place for hiking and biking.

Bike City: Swirling ramps

The visitor center was noted that the entry point. It also serves as an information point where visitors can learn about everything and seek clarification. Was constructed to act as a park command bicycles and, therefore, is situated right at the beginning. At the same time, represents the relationship between sport, social awareness, technology, evolution of the bicycle and recreation.

Gallery of Bike City: Swirling Ramps with Green Lawns in Chongming by JDS Studio Architecture Designs

Swirling ramps form basis of JDS’s competition entry for Bike City in Chongming – The spiralling ‘city’ is the competition entry from young design studio JDS

Park flagship screen, however, is the museum of the bicycle. It is designed as a double helix. Therefore, we can run and run through the turns of the helix while admiring the table view of bicycles. The set will undoubtedly have a strong message for a greenway of life and promote greater use of bicycles in theconventional transport, on the contrary, the use of fossil fuels.

Images Credit: jdsa