Black and White Sustainable Office Interior Design by A-cero Architects

modern office interior design color

Black and White Interior Design’s Office of Sustainable A-cero Architects, one of the Sustainable Office Interior Design easily with the color scheme. Decorating ideas for small offices with a variety of colors are black and white, fixtures and equipment layout suited Interior Bureau decorate a minimalist feel. The operation of the office more comfortable if our Interior Design Bureau, a pleasant and attractive environment by creating a comfortable and unique in our design office. The architecture firm A-cero, Joaquin Torres as runs together with his partner Rafael Llamzares, they finished the first phase in Black and White Interior Design Sustainable Office Building Torre de Cristal “Crystal Tower” of new construction in Madrid. This is an issue of a building on the skyline of Madrid shape and has a height of 250 meters and 52 floors. The furniture design makes A-cero, black and white LG Hi-Macs and a few pieces of wood painted glossy black and white pieces to a more sustainable office to generate. The sofas and armchairs as A-cero design finished in white skin. In the conference room, it lends itself Panton white chairs.They emphasize the dark tones in general, the walls and roofs are dark gray suede covered, are suitable illumination openings left, to continue the ground carpeted with white ground covering in contrast with the dark carpet of your technique, the entire office. Here we have some pictures of this black and white design Sustainable Office Interior by A-cero Architects and could be useful.

Images Credit: a-cero