BOT - Mobile Architecture - Transformation from mobile to rest

BOT: Mobile Architecture in Los Angeles, CA

BOT concept mobile home to ensure speedy rescue during epidemic. The world is changing every minute and contemplate what would be in about 40years from now is a preposition and not hypothetical. Christopher Glenn above assumes that perhaps in 2050, the city of Los Angeles is in the midst of an outbreak. If this proves true, people will wait to escape the city to a remote location. To do this, Glenn has developed a prototype robot, a mobileprefabricated architecture.

BOT - Mobile Architecture - Transformation from mobile to rest
BOT - Mobile Architecture - Transformation from mobile to rest

Arriving at the BOT design is a concept vehicle of adequate shelter for all types of terrain and is intended for use by one person. As for his pictures, you realize that is designed like one of those movies exotic luxury homes and, surprisingly, that can move and crawl and walk and even climb walls and mountains, if necessary.

BOT: Mobile Architecture

The city of Los Angeles in 2050 provided the framework of this thesis project.

This small house is built on a series of sustainable energy systems. The person is not exposed to outside elements, so keep it safe from the epidemic in this case.Heating, cooling, energy, air filtration, etc., have been carefully studied in advance, as they should be running, while in the race. All these systems, once established taken collectively, be sufficient to keep the vehicle outside the network for all time.

Images Credit: Mobile Architecture