Starbucks Reuses Shipping Containers Architecture

Building Concept: Starbucks Reuses Shipping Containers

Starbucks, the coffee outlet has grown significantly this year. It has not only increased its promotional activities in China, but has increased its popularity by offering free mobile applications for customers. Starbucks has shown foresight in developing their business operations by investing in what is relevant in business.Starbucks has made promises in the past to go the route development and the presentation of his “recycling design experience” on Tuesday, shows how the company is committed to being more environmentally friendly.

Starbucks Reuses Shipping Containers Architecture

The initiative is the use of more “up” recycled building materials and Starbucks joined the many other companies and organizations involved in the movement.

Starbucks Reuses Shipping Containers in Seattle Store Test
Starbucks Reuses Shipping Containers in Seattle
Starbucks Reuses Shipping Containers in Seattle

Prime business location in Seattle, is seeing a new face of the brand in a container of stores. The new drive-through and walk-up store is built from four shipping containers used, the result of the desire to define Starbucks to create stores that are mobile and energy efficient. Your mobile aspect allows the shop to be dismantled and moved elsewhere. The mobile store will be helpful. For example, the store can sit on a vacant lot for many years without paying rent until a point is finally being developed.

The company also wanted to put to good use containers of tea and coffee was sent instead to let the occupants of the space.

The dimensions of the store is 448 meters square and provides an economic space, enough for three baristas working behind the counter. No space to store customers.

Starbucks is willing to reinforce the green message, including its customers, covering the side of a container with support from Starbucks font style, reading of regeneration “, Reuse, Recycle, Renew, Reclaim.

Another reason for the company’s efforts is that Starbucks has recognized the attractiveness of shipping containers as building materials that previous regimes have had a successful pop-up stores (eg grocery stores in Seattle basis Stockbox ) green homes. Shipping containers are the most attractive this year in the professional category as the design and reusable architecture.

Images Credit: brandchannel