Tree Bed Asli Tunca Furniture

Amazing Tree Bed by Asli Tunca

The bed was exceptional interior designed by Turkish designer Asli Tunca. The bed is four chestnut trees as a pillar of the bed, bedroom decor design. Four legs aretree looks very realistic with red paint. The Turkish interior architect Asli Tunca has decided to add the element of the fairy tale to the usual bed. The result of his tree bed was very unusual, but very elegant. This bed is for two, it is normal size …

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giessegi rooms for boys and girls, How to Decorate The Teenage Bedroom

How to Decorate The Teenage Boy’s Bedroom and Buy Boys Bedroom Furniture

The boys in their teens or varied between taste and must be translated into a room to look nice for the boys. The boys will be between some common themes that they all want to be sports, superheroes characters and music in general and rock bands to relate. Read on to find the beautiful location of the …

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Decorating For Pink Girls Bedroom

The interior design theme is a rose that is for a child’s room. For many girls pink is a symbol of sweetness and beauty. This color is associated with dreams of a princessor Barbie and almost every girl with beautiful pink room. Set of pink, a traditional room with furniture classic and contemporary fine sand curve. The combination of these colors with other people canget a variety of designs. For example, the white furniture and pink looks great, but if you want a better room than is more like a combination of pinkand green. Below you will find ideas that make it interesting, thebest roses for children. There are several examples of the girls’ room to be youngadult women favoredby them. Images Credit: digsdigs Bedroom

Living Room and Bedroom with Magic Indian Ideas by Maison Coloniale

These interior designs are unique and inspiring. All furniture is hand crafted, sculpted and assembled according to ancient tradition, so it is mostly made of natural materials. India is always associated with its fragrance, sounds and colour. This country is something spiritual and even magic. “Fragrance of the Indies” collection is the most amazing offer …

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modern outdoor bed egoparis eden

Romantic Modern Outdoor Bed By Egoparis Eden

Start your honeymoon in the backyard of your new home with this romantic bed by modern outdoor Egoparis. This modern bed outdoors aptly named Eden is really as close to heaven as you can without ever getting your garden. Enjoy a beautiful sunset in the evening with your partner together in this beautiful bed. Do not forget to …

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Cool Modern Bedding Sets Idea from Vadim Cherniy

Cool Modern Bedding Sets Ideas by Vadim Cherniy

This new modern ideas bedding set is an attractive decorating ideas bed created by a Russian designer, Vadim Cherniy. All bedding, consisting of designer duvets, pillows and a sheet of fashionable colors, interesting graphic design, such as flowers and elegant look awesome. bedding Images Credit: vadimcherniy bedding