Cendere Valley Urban Design Project for a greener Turkey. Is it possible to maintain the basic texture of urban housing, while launching an ambitious project for the sustainable transformation? We all know that the loss of texture leads to a feeling of alienation among people born and raised in a particular city. This is a challenge, Emre Arolat Architects (EAA) has tried to answer your design project for the new urban Kağıthane Cendere Valley, the heart of Istanbul, the capital of Turkey. It is believed that the new project will help the Cendere Valley to become an important green corridor for all citizens.

Cendere Valley Urban Design Project

Cendere Valley Urban Design Project

Currently, Cendere Valley is in a “state of decomposition” in spite of being one of the most important corridors of Istanbul. While the central part of the valley is populated by low population density, which is surrounded by a forest on one side, aligned along the Black Sea. The area offers an overview of a story contained in the antique prints. It was an agricultural field in recent years of the Ottoman Empire and was gradually filled with the industry during the 1950s. Another change is taking place these days away from industrial areas and urban housing to its slow transformation into a center for the service sector. The latest development involves the construction of numerous residences, offices, recreational facilities for residents, and other facilities such as schools, hospitals, etc.

The new project aims to meet these new requirements include maintaining the texture and the strengthening of the environmental image of the valley. The design proposed by architects CEA focuses on population density controlled to maintain the ecological character of the area and provide a forum for sustainable housing for residents. To do this, the architects have planned to build buildings along the avenues and Anadolu Cendere in the region. The buildings range in continuous low-rise blocks. There will be retail on the ground floor, while arcades along the edge of two paths will help you create a kind of covered walkway at all times.

The new plan includes passages and transitions for pedestrians that the elevation of the land is supposed to have an intensive public by the company. Moreover, these transitions and passages to create a visual relationship with the avenues and broken lines.

According to the architects, the low-rise blocks would create a “facade permeability” between the road in the ecological corridor. In the area of the Office, there is provided a green roof that acts as a spacer between the private spaces located on top of buildings and business districts below. The architects have provided discussion points in the city for various activities. These points have different thresholds to break the continuity and rhythm to urban design. A rail system can also be placed along the stream for transport.

Images Credit: Emrearolat