BIG architects + AECOM: chicago navy pier proposal

Chicago Navy Pier Architecture by BIG Architects + AECOM Design

Chicago’s celebrated Navy Pier to be architecturally ‘enhanced’ by BIG architects. The time Navy Pier has long been one of the landmarks of Chicago. In fact, this stretch of 1010 m is considered one of the sights around Lake Michigan.However, despite its magnificent scenery of the famous pier still has no credible link to the rest of the metropolitan territory. Well, as a solution architecture, based on AECOM architects BIG and Americans have seen their ambitious proposal to complete a “revitalization” of the coastline important.

BIG architects + AECOM: chicago navy pier proposal
BIG architects + AECOM:

Give importance to both the physical as well as a visual component, the design effort is multifaceted space that divide the area into traffic areas with high accessibility. These designations include a park area of East End, a spring park, garden glass, Skyline Gardens, Gate Park and eventually the South Basin.

Each of the individual spaces refers to a type of end-user experience. For example, call Park East End provides a suitable view along the water front, accentuating the psychological impact on the lake and the endless sky. This landscape will be enhanced by a spectacular show of water 500 meters high at the end of the pier.

Similarly, the gardens would be especially designed to celebrate the unique beauty of nature. The Crystal Garden will include a landscape protected inside transparent glass facades. This enclosed area will combine many of the public attractions, such as sustainable food production, entertainment, education and experience, even cooking. On the other hand, the Garden of horizon suggests a lot of rooftop gardens, organized through various geometric figures.

Finally, the “pièce de résistance” of the overall design of the stairs shall be called great. Conceived as a seating area of the stadium, this broad scope of application are numerous steps that advance the roof, too. This model of intelligent design, in turn, offer panoramic views of the city, from an inconspicuous area of public opinion.

Chicago Navy Pier Architecture project info:

Chicago Navy Pier Architecture type: competition
client: navy pier inc.
Chicago Navy Pier Architecture partner in charge: bjarke ingels, thomas christoffersen
Chicago Navy Pier Architecture project leader: daniel kidd, BIG
Chicago Navy Pier Architecture principal: james haig streeter, AECOM
Chicago Navy Pier Architecture project manager: michelle inouye, AECOM
Chicago Navy Pier Architecture senior associate: blake sanborn, AECOM
Chicago Navy Pier Architecture team: marcella martinez, andreia teixeira, chris falla, chris malcolm, ola hariri, yi li, maureen mcgee

Chicago Navy Pier Architecture collaborators:

Chicago Navy Pier Architecture lighting design:
spiers + major
Chicago Navy Pier Architecture signage: project projects
Chicago Navy Pier Architecture programmed events and art:  lead pencil studio
Chicago Navy Pier Architecture water feature design: WET design
Chicago Navy Pier Architecture economics: tivoli international and AECOM
Chicago Navy Pier Architecture horticulture: davis langdon
Chicago Navy Pier Architecture horticulture: eden project and christy webber landscapes
Chicago Navy Pier Architecture size: 38, 019 m2
Chicago Navy Pier Architecture location: chicago, illinois, USA

BIG architect + AECOM navy pier design concept

BIG architects + AECOM present their proposal

Images Credit: designboom